Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kitties Flying the Nest and Fall Yarn News

Two of our sweet little kitties - Chloe and Spike - have moved on. We are missing them big time as are their littermates and their mama. I know they are in a great new home but it is always an adjustment for all of us. I miss the patter of the little 8 little feet.

Check out Susan B. Anderson's new Monkey Socks made out of my Regia Garden Effects in the color Holiday here on her blog. Susan is such an amazingly prolific knitter and designer. I can't wait for her next book.

photo by Susan B. Anderson
Here's the back-cover of the fall Interweave Knits - featuring an ad for Color By Kristin. (Thanks Elaine for the heads-up!) The photo shoot for the two new books was here at the farm in April. That's Ness and Kate at the lower left of the photo. They loved all the excitement created by the photo shoot crew. The books and yarn should be arriving at your local yarn store soon. Look for it!

Lisa Allen Lambert, a writer and knitter, has a nice post about color and flowers in her garden and a review of three of her favorite books about gardening. I was reading away and then found a mention of my new Color by Kristin and a Quarters Cap she has made. Thanks Lisa!


Auntie Shan said...

Move over, "LASSIE"!!

Lisa said...

What a fun surprise to find mention of my post! Thank you, Kristin.

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