Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cute Kitties, a New Lamb/Eggplant Recipe, and Upcoming Retreats

I've got lots of fun things planned for the blog this fall. Looking forward to sharing so many projects with you all. Because you asked.... Here are Mittens' kittens taken two days ago. Kitten on the left (Mia) is spoken for. The other three are looking for a home and are available week of September 17.

For those of you loving eggplant, I've got a new recipe up on our Leyden Glen Lamb Website for Eggplant, Lamb and Tomato Stacks. The Farmer (who is not a fan of eggplant) loved this meal. Serve with a side of couscous or grain and a salad.  Here is the link.

Eggplant, Lamb and Tomato Stacks
I can feel autumn encroaching. The days are getting shorter, we're thinking about closing the windows in the evening, and the fall color is starting to happen. There is still time left to enjoy the shorter days and all that autumn has to offer - including the cooler weather for knitting and creating. Here at the farm, I've planned some new classes. Here they are:

September 15, 2012: One Day Retreat
Colorwork For Advanced Beginners - This is the first time for this class and I hope it will tempt some of you who always tell me they can't do colorwork! You can, I promise!
Including Knitting on Double Pointed Needles
Knitting with 2 Colors in the Round
Cutting a Steek
Sewing in a Zipper
Click here for more information on this One Day Retreat. Seven spaces are left. Small class - easy to learn atmosphere. Cost is $225 which includes food and some supplies. Small homework assignment required. You will be able to knit sweater and scarf after you leave!
Fair Isle Tube Scarf
My friend Bridget from my book Color By Kristin

September 28/29, 2012: Two Day Knitting Immersion Weekend
Fanciful Edgings
Embroidery on Knits
Color, Color Color
Price includes 2 lunches, one dInner, snacks and beverages, farm tour, hayride and more - It's the "Full Monty!"
Click here for more information on this Two Day Retreat. Two spaces are available. $500. Very small class size - you will walk away as a changed knitter! Some homework necessary!

October 7, 2012: One Day Retreat Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend
Celebration of Color, Flowers, and Embroidery on Knits
Color, Color, Color
Knit or Crochet Sunflowers
Basic Embroidery on Knits
This class is based on my upcoming book 50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet and Felt. There are 9 spaces available. Some homework necessary! $225 includes, food and some supplies.
Click here for more information and click here to see what the students from the August 4, 2012 made!

Email me if you have any questions. If you want to come with a group of friends, I welcome Private Retreats.

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Anonymous said...

I love love love your blog ! have been following for a couple of years and one day would love to come to a retreat or class,but live off the coast in Washington state so chances are slim but live vicariously through your wonderful writing and pictures .I come from New Zealand so love also the writing about sheep and wool -makes me homesick,but in a good way-I now use more colour because of you.Thank you christine

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