Friday, October 26, 2012

Sebastian Cabled Gloves - PDF Pattern + Class

I've got exciting news for you today. Remember the Sebastian Cabled Gloves that are on the cover of the Fall Webs Catalog? Knit in my new Color By Kristin, of course. The lovely blend of wool, alpaca and mohair is so scrumptious.

So how did the gloves get to be named Sebastian? All of the projects in the new Color By Kristin Collection are named after our farm cats. Here is Sebastian - he's a tough one to get a photo of because he is rarely home, always on the move, working like a good farm cat does.

I love these gloves - they are so happy and colorful.


And not too hard - only one color per row. If you are an experienced cabler, you can do it!


There are two cuff choices - a flared cabled cuff and a ribbed cuff.

And of course, there is some easy embroidery added for more color!


I've been scheming with Tina and Kathy from Webs. We have cooked up a new class based on the Sebastian Cabled Gloves which BTW have been a huge hit! It is a two night class - Thursday November 8th and November 29th. You'll have time to knit in between the classes - the second class will be all about setting up and knitting the fingers.

You can sign up here but spaces are limited so don't wait.

Last week when I was in Detroit, I snuck away into the "Green Room" to tape the latest Webs Podcast. On it, Kathy and I talk about the gloves and my new yarn. Here is the link to the podcast if you have time to listen. Thanks Kathy for inviting me!

If you would like to buy the PDF Sebastian pattern from me, click the button below and it will magically appear in your in-box. Man, this technology thing is pretty amazing.


Nancy501 said...

Kristin, hi. The link to buy the Sebastian Cabled Glove Pattern is not working for me. Is there a problem? Thanks. Nancy

Kristin Nicholas said...

Try it now - I replaced it with a button. I think it will work. Let me know if it doesn't. Thanks - Kristin

Nancy501 said...

Kristin, It worked. Thanks for fixing. BTW, I love the gloves. :)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love the gloves! In fact, that pattern was what I was looking for on the yarn crawl...finally found it at the last store! Wish I could take the class, but not on a Thursday night..oh well...

Kimberly said...

Your colors just make me happy!

Elaine said...

Great interview!! I'm going to Vogue Knitting Live today and will look for your yarn.

mn_bird said...

Good luck with the class. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm working on a pair of Sebastian gloves at the moment and loving the pattern and the cables.


customized work gloves said...

Indeed. I wanna try that at home.