Friday, November 30, 2012

I Take No Credit!

Thank you everyone for the comments on Celia's first sweater. I want to be straight with you all. I take no credit. I did not teach Celia to knit. Her mom, my sister Nancy, did. I try to inspire her and keep her knitting. She is a freshman in college now and has limited time. If I know Celia, she'll be knitting over Christmas break.

Celia has it in her fingers. I think she inherited it from our grandmother (her great-grandmother) Frieda. Hard to believe this is Celia's first sweater, isn't it? She is not daunted by any project. When she was eleven, I asked her and her cousin Olivia who was twelve to knit some mittens for my book Kristin Knits. These are the mittens my nieces made and I named them the "Olivia's and Celia's Mittens". I think their moms may have helped some.

My sister Nancy is an amazing knitter, seamstress, crafter, cook and baker. She knits mostly for others.


Nancy has three beautiful red headed daughters - Celia, Camille, and Lillian. Last Christmas she made Camille the Hen Party Pullover from Color By Kristin. Camille is a hockey and lacrosse superstar. Camille loves her sweater. It is the perfect style for an athletic girl. The colors Nancy chose look great with her red hair.

Nancy is currently cranking out the Greek Slipper Socks from my Color By Kristin Book. She is making them for the kids of her nieces and nephews. I guess Nancy is a "Great Aunt." Wow. I hope she lives up to our "Great Aunts."


This was my version from Color By Kristin. Fair Isle and Garter Stripes. Lots of fun colors.


Nancy has to knit a lot of these. She simplified them by leaving out the Fair Isle. She has a lot of "great" nieces and nephews.

Maybe you might like to knit your nieces, nephews, kids and friends some projects from my books. You can purchase them on my website and I will sign them for you if you like. I also ship to husbands and boyfriends if you want to drop any hints. Julia and I love to visit our friend Jim at the Bernardston Post Office. Both Kristin Knits and Color by Kristin are great books - IMHO. Lots of timeless colorful patterns. I hate that people stop buying books once they are a year old. What is it with that? Things get old too fast now, don't they? Check out my books here. And thanks to Nancy, Celia, and Camille for letting me take photos to share with all of you.


I'll leave you with a photo of Winston taken this morning on our walk in the orchard. Handsome boy!


And one of the sheep running. Did you know sheep can run like the wind? Especially when a Border Collie puppy is behind them.



Daisy said...

Wow! I am so impressed at this first sweater! The artistry definitely runs in the family.

Sharon themadknitter said...

Your right, the knitting skills and creativity run in your family. Lovely sweaters, girls, mittens and slippers.

I wonder if Winston misses Archie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing your sister's version of your Greek slipper socks. I found it very helpful, as I wouldn't have envisioned them simplified otherwise.


Caffeine Girl said...

I am awed. Celia definitely has a knack for knitting. And she's fearless, too!

MicheleinMaine said...

Winston is so handsome!