Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Making Do

If anything good has come of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, it is that families and communities are re-connecting with each other, discovering new friendships, and realizing how powerful Mother Nature really is. I write all this not having been affected by Sandy at all. We were very lucky here at the farm this time but we know the storm could have swung the other way and it could have been us. My sisters, Mom and extended families in NJ were affected but everyone is okay. Jenn still doesn't have power and her family has moved in with my Mom. 

I purchased this vase from Anthropologie last spring and have loved looking at it on the table filled with flowers. I love the blue and white color, the shape, and the words "Make Do." Simple and strong and surely makes one ponder. Designed by Molly Hatch, a very talented ceramicist who happens to live not far from here in Northampton, it was made in China. On Molly's press page, you can read some interesting articles about how she made the deal with Anthro. I do not know Molly and would not have been able to afford her original pottery so I was happy to have a reasonable alternative to purchase a piece of her work. 

In the vein of Make Do, I want to tell you about a knitting and crafting project you might like to get involved in very quickly. My friend Brett Bara teamed up with her friend Natalie to organize a plan to collect and distribute handmade hats and mittens for all the people who have been displaced from their homes. A snowstorm is coming and winter weather doesn't stop. People are cold and what can warm anyone up more than a handknit or crochet from your needles? Hop on over to Brett's blog to find out how you can help. Perhaps you have a project you made that didn't fit anyone. It will fit someone in NY or NJ who lost everything. All info is on Brett's blog. I am helping to spread the word.

Busy day here everyone. Hope you are enjoying the day after the big election and getting life back to normal.

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India said...

Thank you so much, Kristin, for this link to the Make It Better craftalong. I'd been looking for and hoping someone would do this; several people who knit for Irene survivors last year had asked if I knew of any such efforts now. I've passed it along to the Warm Hats, Warm Hearts group and hope that many, many people will send knits. Glad you are OK on the farm. In Vermont we were prepared, and nervous, but fortunately the storm was mild here. But it makes us want to do everything we possibly can for the people who are hurting now.