Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Big Day Here

Took a break from the sheep barn chores yesterday for a photo shoot here at the Farmhouse with Rikki Snyder for an upcoming magazine article.

It was a fun and busy day. My niece Celia is off from college and helped out. She learned what goes into a shoot and was a great third set of hands.

Celia is a great baker and likes to take photos of food so it was a nice opportunity for her.

It's amazing how much tedious work goes into a food shoot. Here's Rikki setting up a plate.

The recipe I made was for Indian spiced lamb-burgers. We had the leftovers for dinner last night. Yummy! Here's Rikki doing more detail work with toothpicks.

And here are Rikki and Celia with Julia after school. Fun day for all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen,
I found your blog from the artist profiles. Watching your piece was beautiful. Then when it went inside I realised I had torn a page out of a magazine and kept it in my sight for many years! That green wall with the a quilter I am fascinated by the pattern. I'll be back to your colourful world even in a grey and white winter world...kathy from material obsession in sydney...where it was over 100 degrees this week! k

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Lucky! Your farmhouse is a photographer's dream come true--no bad views. And, sheep outside.

Dianna said...

I thought of you when I saw this:
Maybe you can use these dogs?!!! I know you lost one of yours early.