Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big Weeked News! Kristin's Classes On-Line on Creativebug + a PROMO CODE for my readers!

Here it is - the weekend of VKLive in NYC and here I sit at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, writing to you all and generally getting ready for the day. What's my day going to be like? First, I have to bring in two giant loads of firewood for the furnace. It is supposed to be very cold for the next few days. We heat our farmhouse primarily with wood and it takes two loads for each day. It is much cheaper but there is a lot of time and hauling involved. After the wood is done, I'm heading down to the barns to see who entered the world overnight. Most of the heavy farmchores will be done as The Farmer has a head start. Fine with me. We'll tail-band, paint, and record each new lamb. Maybe feed some hay and water. It is cold - I will be dressed for it! Wool sweater, wool coat, gloves, hat and scarf handknit in in my Color By Kristin! After chores, Julia (who is feeling much better - thanks for your concerns) and I will go to the local library. There is no Saturday Amherst Farmers Market today so I have a DAY OFF from that. YIPPEE!

I know there's all kinds of fun things going on at the Marriott in NYC. I'm okay with missing it. Been there. But the very cool thing is I can still teach on the weekend to anyone, anywhere! Yes, two of the classes I taped with Creativebug in November are now available on-line! And the really big news is the folks at Creativebug have changed their pricing model. So here goes.... let me introduce you all to Creativebug.

Read til the end because I have a SPECIAL PROMO CODE for all the readers of Getting Stitched on the Farm!

Creativebug is an artist and project based learning website. The folks at CB have collected a stellar roster of teachers from many, many artistic and craft disciplines. You can learn about each artist via their filmed "artist trailer." Basically what an artist trailer is is a 2 to 4 minute video intro to how the artist became involved in their art or craft, what inspires them. They are very nicely produced. Check them out on this page.

Here is my "artist trailer" CB taped here at the farm in November. It is somewhat odd (for me) seeing our place on film since I live the life everyday.  I love how they included all the animals on the farm in the video. You can view it on Vimeo here in HD. Don't miss Winston at :30. It is pretty priceless.

Kristin Nicholas on Creativebug from Creativebug on Vimeo.

I taped for 4 days and we did work for 5 classes which will launch over the next couple months.

Here's how Creativebug works. This is my short version - you can read all about it on their website. There are 3 different ways to watch and learn from a class.
1. Pay by the month for $24.95. You get unlimited access to every class on the website! That's it - EVERY CLASS! I think that is a great deal considering the content and quality given.
2. Pay by 3 months ($59.97) or 6 month ($101.94) intervals. Full unlimited access to every class on the website.
3. And now, beginning with my classes, SELECT classes are available BY THE SINGLE CLASS. Classes begin at $9.99 and go up, depending on the depth and length of the class.

If you want to try out CB before purchase, watch any of the free content here

All of the Creativebug classes are really well done - very clearly instructed. Only snag is you must have the ability to watch streaming video on your computer or your mobile device. Yes, there is an app for mobiles.  (I unfortunately cannot watch my videos! I have to go to the Town Hall to do that! Maybe one day.....)

Two of my classes are now live. The first is my COLOR CLASS. What I wanted to do in this class was to introduce working with color - not technically with yarn and stitches - but introduce you to how I work with color and how you too can become proficient by watching, observing, and giving it a go. Here is the preview for it or you can view it on Vimeo in HD here. Although in the preview it is listed as color for knitters, this color class will benefit sewers, painters, crocheters - anyone who is fearful of color! This is not strictly a technique class but a more "artsy colorful how-to" class.
The single cost for this class is $11.99! 

Understanding Colorwork in Knitting from Creativebug on Vimeo.

The second class is a FAIR ISLE KNIT HAT. This is a project based class meaning that you will get entire instruction from beginning to end to make the Fair Isle Hat shown. It's for all of you who say they are afraid to knit with two colors. You can watch me do it and then follow along. Included in the class is also a PDF for the hat. 
The single price for the Fair Isle Knit Hat Class is $15.99 which includes the pattern which is a $6.00 value. 
Here is the Intro to the Fair Isle Hat Class or watch the Intro to the Fair Isle Hat Class on the CB site here

Here's the really big news! Creativebug has given me a special Promo Code for all the readers of my blog "Getting Stitched on the Farm." 
The promo code for you to use is STITCHED.  It's good for $10 off any subscription package and expires 2/16/12. (Not eligible for individual purchases). 

Once you buy an individual class, you can watch it (and the individual chapters) as many times as you want! They are streamed - not downloaded.
I am really happy to be included in the Creativebug teaching roster which includes names such as Debbie Stoller, Anna Maria Horner, Maggie Pace, Melanie Falick, Cal Patch, Natalie Chanin, and many, many others. I hope you may take the time to check out the videos that Creativebug offers. Thanks Creativebug for asking me to teach and share and including me in this great new internet based learning project.

See - for all of you who thought you were missing VKLive - you still can take some colorful classes in the comfort of your own home. I thank you for all your support and look forward to hearing what you think of my video on-line classes!

Added later in the evening: A comment came in from Reader Darlene: I do have a question: When I purchase a single class, i.e. the Fair Isle Hat class, am I able to store the class on my computer and watch it any time and as many times as I like (until I "get it down")
Kristin's answer: The classes are on the CB website and they are streamed. You do not download them to your computer - they would be too large. CB is kind of like HULU for crafters. You can watch the single class you pay for AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT OR NEED TO - UNLIMITED VIEWING. If you sign up for the monthly or 3 or 6 month service, you can watch ALL the videos until your membership expires. 

This is how I understand it. If you have questions, contact CB through their website.


Susana said...

Parabéns, Kristin! Sua fazenda e seus artesanatos são maravilhosos. Um abraço aqui do Brasil. Susana.

Kieren Dutcher said...

Fantastic, and congratulations! IT is so interesting to hear your voice after reading your blog for so long! I hope it's a big hit, but I'm sure it will be!

knitterbeader said...

Congratulations! After reading your blog for quite some time now, and purchasing a few things here and there, I'm looking forward to "taking a class" now and then.

I do have a question: When I purchase a single class, i.e. the Fair Isle Hat class, am I able to store the class on my computer and watch it any time and as many times as I like (until I "get it down")!

Thanks in advance.

Auntie Shan said...

In the past week we've had about 5 days of temps Above-Freezing, followed by the last 2 days of ARCTIC-ness! [-30C windchills Thursday night] - And today, it's shot back up with about 9-plus-inches of SNOW overnight!! Suppose to RAIN [?] later! Then, back to FRIGID on Monday...

Meanwhile, I've just come in from almost 3-hrs of SHOVELLING! - Thankfully, the stuff was dry and fluffy. Except for the "gifts" left at the end of my driveway by EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY...

So yeah, sitting by a nice WARM WOODstove sounds great right about now... However, I'm having to settle for burying myself under my comforter with my Laptop! Soon as I thaw out though, I'll be hitting the knitting needles...

BTW, CONGRATS on having all of those VIDEOS! -- And, THANK YOU! for putting out a "COLOR"-Class!! There are sooo many People out there who are just beyond being Color-CHALLENGED!! - [Including way too many "professional" Stylists and Designers who could do with being "toned" over by a Color-WHEEL!!]

Anyway, don't be bummed out by not being at VKL -- think of all of the hassle & stress that you're saving yourself from! Besides, most of *US* are "here", and not "there", either! :-D

..sooo...after all of that WHITENESS, gonna play with *my* Colors now... [PATONS] "WATER-CHESTNUT" [a soft Lily pink] & "LEMONGRASS" [a light lime-greenish chartreuse] - together, they give off a nice soft SPRINGy glow...

Stay WARM!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristin, this is so cool!! I love that those of us who aren't able to get to you can now have you come to us! I can't wait to share this info with some friends who would also looove these classes :)

Thanks for always inspiring us in so many ways!

Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

Creativebug needs a sock knitting instructor, that's what.

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