Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Welcome 2013 + Sebastian Gloves Finished!

Welcome to 2013 here at "Getting Stitched on the Farm." Thanks always for popping in and checking on what we all are up to. 

If you are me, you're thinking - OMG - all those ewes are going to be delivering lambs soon. It's mind boggling to me and I have my fingers crossed. Once we get into it, there will be no time to think about what is happening. Somehow, we will make it through.

I'm not much for looking back on past year's nor making resolutions. Tried it a couple times and just fell back to my own habits. I do know that 2012 was a busy year for my family and I and that is good. I have been laying the groundwork for upcoming things and although it seems forever for them to happen, they will in due time. Like I tell Julia "Be patient and do not wish your life away." So this year, I'll be having some new things to share with you. Stay tuned. I'm just hoping for a busy year for 2013 too!

Exciting news from the Houzz front. Our Farmhouse was Number 6 in most bookmarked stories in all of 2012! And it was Number 1 in most bookmarked for Most Colorful Houses. Very cool for me - sitting here in the middle of nowhere - to know that my style of decoration and use of color is appealing to people far away. I know it should not be all about the numbers but they do impress when they are good (and so many times they are lackluster - as when one of my new kniting books comes out and I check on the Amazon ratings under Best Selling Knitting Books and they barely crack the top 100). The Houzz thing is a pat on the back which I appreciate. I also appreciate the luck of meeting the photographer Rikki Snyder via Sarah Zimmerman who had the idea to photograph for Houzz. And who introduced me to Houzz considering I didn't know the first thing about it in August.

Enough Kristin enough. Onto the knitting that is finally finished - my Sebastian Gloves from the Knitalong. Here's the first pair - I made multi-colored fingers because I could. This is the version with the ribbed border. They fit great and they are for me! I am in dire need of a new pair of gloves. I actually used odds and ends of my Julia Yarn which is the exact same yarn as my Color By Kristin. I had a head start because I actually made one of the gloves last spring as the prototype for the pattern.

Here's the second pair which have the flared border. Again, I had one of these finished last spring too! I decided I would add multi-colored embroidery to these because I can't get enough color. To further mix up the colors, I added a reverse Stockinette Stitch Ridge at the border. To do this I picked up at the edge with dpns and work 2 rounds of purl. Then I bound off in knit stitch. I used two different colors which were used in the embroidery. And I am keeping these also! Selfish maybe but I need gloves and I never get to knit for myself - I'm always knitting for a deadline and sending a project into the great world. I'll keep one pair in the car and one in the house. It's cold here in New England!

I'm sure it is time for some selfish knitting at your house too. If you want to try the Sebastian Gloves, you can order the pattern by clicking the button below for $6.00 by clicking the button below. It will be immediately sent to your in-box. 

My best to you all as we start the year fresh and new - full of possibilities. Pray for peace. I know I am.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Happy New Year Kristen. here's to another year of glorious colour.


Jani said...

Love the gloves, and I have also loved hearing about your adventures with the Houzz photographers, commentors, and magazine in general - it's always fun to see how others live, and especially how they decorate! A very happy & busy 2013 to you, too. Speaking of peace, I'll include my new favorite quote that a wonderful knitting friend included in her Christmas cards this year:

“Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”

(attributed to Robert Fulghum) Best wishes!

Adaliza said...

Love the gloves. I'm enjoying a colourful journey with the remains of my Julia yarn - it's called Carnival! I'm with you on resolutions - can't do them, but have decided on a motto for this year! Jani's words above about Peace are very good. I think your motto should be Dream in Colour - you're so good at it!

linda bowton said...

happy new year kristin!!
i just finished a few baby blankies for St.Mary's Prayer Shawl Ministry that i started last May. i took them to the church office and the office mrg, who is expecting a boy, loved the blue leaf blanket so much, i told her it would be my gift to her!!! she was delighted!! i am so rewarded by this ministry!! the baby blankies are Sister Agnes' idea for gifts for the Baptism families...
i love your gloves!! they are beautiful! can't wait to see pics of the newborns!!
^)^ linda

Cherie M in Estes Park said...

Here is to a wonderful year for you, Mark and Julia. My weekend at the farm was certainly a highlight of 2012. In 2013 I will extend the experience with more of your wonderfully colorful projects. On that, the mitten gifts I did for Christmas were great hits. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creativity.

Ann said...

Thanks for your color and for your blog. I hear you on the cold, all heat sources on deck here in central Maine, w/ fully insulated house etc. but it's that bone chilling cold. Barely been out of the house. Fish chowdah on deck here!

Lindy said...

Kristin, I love these gloves. I have the pattern and all the yarn - bought a whole box full of different colors so that, like a painter with her palette, I can pick and choose whatever suits my fancy. I do wish that someone would make 4" or 5" DPNs in larger needle sizes. I find knitting those fingers on 8" long DPNs very awkward. Also, I buy all your books :D I love the color. I am still trying to gather the courage to begin painting some of the walls in my house various colors. :D

Whiffletree Farm said...

Your knitting talent awes me; I'm still working on getting my socks right. Anyway, regarding the pics of your house: what type of paint did you use on your dining room walls? I like the vivid color and opacity very much. Thanks, Beth

Amy S. said...

Happy New Year, Kristin! I've just bought the pattern as a thank you to you for brightening so many of my computer days! Hope all that you are planning comes to fruition in 2013!

Maggie said...

Well, I cannot hold myself back any longer. I am buying the pattern tonight, yarn to come soon. I just love peeking in on your life. I love your aesthetic. Happy 2013. It's going to be a good year, I can just feel it!