Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yesterday's Photos

Today it was too disgusting, muddy, mucky, rainy to bring a camera. Weird weather - warming up but a solid sheet of ice under it all. School was delayed for 2 hours but still the school bus still got stuck. Julia thought it was funny. Not a good day for lambing because the rain is worse than cold for little lambs. Here are some photos from yesterday's events when things were rosy and snowy. Don't you love all the different faces?

Bright perky ears

Comfy on the straw


A stoic, solid gentleman

Mama in waiting


Two big twins - growing into teenagers


Cathy said...

They are cuter every day! And I agree about the gray, and rain, and mud....YUCK!

Auntie Shan said...

I keep checking our local airport radar map that includes most of the NorthEast... POOR You! You guys have another DAY of *crap*!! -- Up here, we've been *LUCKY* and have only been hit with the northern edge of the last 2 big storm fronts. However, the temps went UP to 50ish today, breaking all kinds of records! NOT a good thing with the Sudden MELTDOWN when you're surrounded by 4-feet high snowbanks and the "CITY GUYS" keep COVERING-UP the sewers and plowing several feet of debris into your driveway! I've been spending Hours for the last 3 days just trying to keep ahead of it. And now temps are suppose to drop again..? ...can't win...

yeah, I sure don't envy your weather... Try to STAY DRY!!


Elaine said...

Such precious babies--they all look as if they're smiling!
Our weather is the same here in Chicago--67 and rain 2 days ago, flood watches and now it's 1 above 0.

MicheleinMaine said...

Oh, I hope today is better for you all! Cold and rain is no good for anyone. Today's pictures are adorable, esp. the "baaahhh!". Love it!

Take good care!

bookagent said...

Love, love, love the photos. These babies make me smile and I look forward to new blog posts to see them. Good-luck with the weather.

Pam H

linda bowton said...

what fun to be surrounded by such cuteness and personalities!!! Baaahhh!! is precious!! thanks for sharing!! stay warm & as dry as you can...
^)^ linda