Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Photos From After The Storm

The storm of the past weekend really complicates farming. Two feet of snow buried everything. The breeding ewes and their lambs were undercover in 2 large barns. The yearlings braved the elements. Everyone got through with flying colors. No losses and two lambs born. We still can't get down the farm road. The bucket loader on the tractor broke the night before the storm but at least everyone was well fed. Still waiting for parts.

There is still so much to get back to the normal flow of farming but everyday it gets a little better. Today it is supposed to be in the 40's so the snow will settle some more. The barns are a mucky mess but they are still standing. Several of the farmers in our local area lost their greenhouses to the heavy winds and snowload in the storm. We were lucky our greenhouse barn held up. It is situated so that the snow sheds off it. The plastic did get a tear in it so it will have to be replaced this coming summer. 

That's the report from here. I hope you all are safe and sound. I didn't get much of a chance to take photos of falling snow because it didn't start until after midnight and was finished by the time we woke up. It had to be snowing at such a clip to dump so much so quickly. These are photos from after the storm. I have yet to take my camera down the farm road because I don't want to fall with it on the ice.

Our farmhouse after the storm

Some of the yearlings in front of our farmhouse

Beautiful faces

On one of the paths

Nessie doesn't like having her photo taken

Yearlings with hay

The Farmer checking on the yearlings

Someone is always on top of the hay bale



shabby girl said...

What a darling picture of Eeyore!!! So glad to hear everyone made it through the storm, and things are getting somewhat back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! From someone who lives in California and sees maybe a couple feet of snow a year this is a sight to be seen. I just want to snuggle the sheep and that darling Eeyore!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all that snow is tedious and difficult to deal with, in practical terms, but oh the pictures! They look wonderful! And see how everything looks beautifully white and 'clean'...I know that will turn to a junky! hard to navigate mess all too soon! I imagine lace up boots will be a must, if they are to stay on your feet in the type of mud I'm sure you will experience as soon as that all starts melting.

Stay safe, and keep your boots on! :D

night owl said...

I love how the sheep pose so nicely and seem to like having their picture taken. And then there's Eeyore!! What a wonderful "donkens"- a great picture. :))- Jules

Marlaine said...

Glad to hear that things are slowly returning to normal. Thanks so much for posting the photo of Eeyore - I needed to smile today and his beautiful face brought a smile to mine.

sally said...


Auntie Shan said...

The NELLIE Caption:

"..ggrrrr... ser-i-ous-ly..? -- Now?! Can't you SEE that I'm Trying-to-*READ*-the-Paper..!! ...just...GO! Look at the Sheep! -- [Humans!!]"


Good to see that you got through it all. Actually, you look like you fared better than the City-Folk! -- BTW, does your camera come with a Shovel attachment..?


Cathy said...

Sheep, snow, and the peace of your farm. Thanks! Prayers you can get back to 'normal' soon.

Nina Ruit said...

Beautiful girls, and Eeyore is a charmer!

Ann said...

Love looking at these. Thank you--best of luck with the repairs etc. I live in cnetral maine (tired of winter) and thought this was the Maintenance State, but guess Western MA is too.