Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Craving Color and Guess What? Lambs


I'm feeling like a broken record. Lambs, lambs, lambs, and ecru colored wool, brown mud and muck, straw, hay, and winter gray. When I look back on my blog which has become a record of my life and all the lives here at our farm, the winter months are full of these colors. I can't wait until spring breaks around here and we see something else.

Busy week here. I had a photo shoot on Monday with the team of Gridley + Graves, Interior Photographers. It was a fun day watching them work and making the photos. Real professionals for sure. 

They shot tethered which was interesting to watch and be part of. I'll let you all know when the magazine hits. Lovely people and lots of fun stories shared. They brought me tulips - well actually they weren't for me - they were for the photos. But they left them for us.

Nice to have some color in the house. I don't buy flowers so I do crave spring when I can find bouquets outside.

Lambs are still coming. 

Four sets of twins on Monday. 


Hope you all are having a good week. 


MicheleinMaine said...

So much wonderful life is teeming at your farm, Kristin! I never tire of seeing those precious faces and proud mamas.

Daylight savings time starts Sunday, woohoo! Longer days for spring to percolate and bloom.

Fru Olsen said...

Despite of the winter palette I would love to live at your farm... :-)

Cathy said...

The tulips are a wonderful pop of color on this gray, dreary day! Love the lamb turning around as if to say, are you coming with me?

linda bowton said...

this is a beautiful palette of the shades of winter & sheep/lambs!! i appreciate the mutedness of winter...a little respite for the eyes before the brillance of spring & summer sets in!! it is what it is...God made it so.
^)^ linda

Dianne said...

The babies are sooooo sweet, and pretty tulips thanks for sharing you lovely lambs..