Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Issue of Folk Magazine Feature

The new issue of Folk Magazine is out. Do you know Folk? It is published 4 times a year by three college students who are trying to do something different. They feature articles on strictly American craftspeople, good recipes, beautiful photographs, profiles of interesting people and more. In our era where print magazines have disappeared, it is nice to see a new and interesting publication that you can hold in your hands. 

Look for it at your local B&N. If you want a preview, or prefer digital publications, here is the link. Or click on the photo below which should take you to the digital pub.

We here at Leyden Glen Farm are happy to be included in an article beginning on page 92. The photos were shot by Rikki Snyder back in January. Enjoy!


Susan Lea said...

Great article! It was a great glimpse into your beautiful house and farm. I'll have to check the magazine out, too; it looks interesting and beautifully done.

Marlaine said...

I started a subscription to this magazine last fall and I love it. The writing and photography are wonderful! I was so happy to see your farm featured in the spring issue - great article!

Anonymous said...

~ Folk sounds quite cool !! Nice to know your farm is featured.

But, the *bEsT* ever was receiving your * 50 SUNflowers* book in the mail yesterday ! ~
Oh, my. It was like a wonderful, holiday !! The lime green tissue paper it was wrapped in, so cheery & Spring-like. :) My birthday is next week, your terrific book is my present to myself !! I am SO glad that I bought it & also I loVe all the postcards you enclosed.
Very kind.
Kristin, the flowers designs are superb !! I can't wait to start.
Thank you-thank you-thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
I had an oncology appointment earlier in the week and then your book arrived, most definitely your book made my week SO happy.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Thanks for the link... with the shrinking of B&N et al, I can't imagine I'll find a paper copy... but I'll pour over the e-version.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through folk.... lovely article and I am glad to get to know you more. I enjoy your blog and my Kristin knits book very much! Thank you