Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Lambs

The snow is melting fast although in areas where there is no sun it will be there for a bit. The lambs are still coming if not at such a fast pace which is fine with us. Here's a new black lamb who looks just like his mama.

This group of yearlings is on the main road going past our farm. This is the view overlooking Mark's brother David's dairy farm. You can see his 3 greenhouse barns and the old huge wooden barn. The hill is spectacular and you can see for miles.


The number of cars that stop to look at the sheep is really amazing. Seems there is always someone sitting there looking for new babies. I think people are bringing their kids and their elderly parents to watch the lambs. We always say, wish we had a quarter for everyone who stopped. At least the ewes and lambs are giving us the opportunity to educate people about farming.

This yearling successfully delivered a little white lamb.  It had just gotten up before I took this photo.

Busy day here. Hope you all have a nice day whatever you are doing.


Auntie Shan said...

Two Words: TOLL ROAD
Two more Words: FOOD TRUCK

Or whatever kind of Food-Stand... Sell the TOURISTS some MEAT! Set-up a roadside mini Barbeque... Charge for Baby-Lamb Photo-Shoots... Sell Them some MUD! -- Go "MARTHA" on Them!

linda bowton said...

thanks, kristin, for continuing to post pics of the baby lambs!!! they are just precious!!
^)^ linda

tjf said...

Kristin! I received your book 2 days ago and I just wanted to let you know, I really love it. It is wonderfully put together and beautiful, too. Thanks so much!

peggy said...

little black lamb photo with spot on forehead just like mom is so favorite so far.

Can't wait to read your new book I just received. Like the way it is laid out using what looks like linen on the photos.