Thursday, March 21, 2013

Steeking! and Pendleton

Two videos today. First up is the intro to my new class just launched on Creativebug on STEEKING.

My "English" teacher is going to wonder where I learned the word "gunna."But the class is good - I know. It was the last one I taped and by the end of 3 days, I knew what I was doing. 

$16.99 will give you a month of Creativebug classes including this one which is really fun.

(An aside - CB has been acquired by Demand Media - the eHow people. I'm hoping that will get my work and the other artist/teachers out there to more people.) 

Next video is on a fabric company that is near and dear to my heart. If any company stands for quality and domestically made fabric it is Pendleton Woolen Mills from Oregon. This is a nice video showing the blanket making process.



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LannieK said...

Thanks for the video on your new class and Pendleton! Gonna try your class ~ skeeting is oh so scary, but I want to learn. So thanks!
My grandmother worked for Pendleton Woolen Mills years back, and would always bring home "ends". Like remnants, only larger. The end of a fabric run. Still have some I hope to make a patchwork blanket - someday. Take care! :-)