Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Detroit PBS Trip + this Saturday - Webs Tent Sale

I've been so busy getting back into life I forgot to share some photos from my trip to Detroit PBS to tape the next season of Knit and Crochet Now. Before the photos though - just a heads-up - I'll be at the Webs Tent Sale this Saturday the 18th of May selling our delicious GROUND LAMB and LAMB SAUSAGE. Stop by and pick up some for your dinner or to stock your freezer with. It is frozen so travels well. I'll also have my different books with me if you would like to add a signed book to your knitting collection. I'll be bringing samples from my new book 50 Sunflowers To Knit, Crochet, and Felt. If you have any questions, contact me via the email address on my sidebar.

Here's some behind the scenes from Detroit. I think the new shows will begin airing next fall. There are always 4 cameras taping all the time - 3 on the floor and one overhead.

This is the control room. Alex the Director is in the front on the right. He talks into everyone's ears while taping (except for we who are being filmed).

Brett Bara is the host of the show. She does a great job keeping the "experts" on track and making sure we give key points. Here Brett is on set and this is Camera One where she speaks into for intros and closing chit-chat.


Here Brett is talking to Fred who is the Floor Manager. He also takes care of the sound and the very expensive microphones. He is our "go-to" guy for directions.


This is the room where all the projects are laid out for us - with "step-outs" and finished projects all organized on trays. All the experts hang out in this room before our segments. FYI - we are usually knitting or crocheting the step-outs for the shows the entire time we are waiting!

It is really interesting how a t.v. show is made. So many people are involved in the taping that are never seen. This a shot of Eric and his giant "boom camera."

The boom camera is over our table and hands and it catches everything we do. It shoots upside down and backwards! It is an amazing thing and I cannot imagine how much it costs. 

Each time I get a bit better and I can now say I do not have any fear of the camera! It is actually kind of fun. The odd thing is, after I leave the set, I do not have any recollection of the project I just made as I am on to thinking about the next segment. Sometimes people email me with a question about what I demoed on the t.v. show and I am clueless as to what the project even was! It's the way I deal with the stress of it all. Just forget about it.

Detroit PBS is a great organization. They are all so incredibly nice and supportive and I love going back and visiting everyone each time we tape. 

I think the last season of Knit and Crochet Now we taped is now airing on PBS's Create Channels now. Check your local t.v. listings. The season we just taped will not air until fall 2013.


Frances said...

I do love the Webs shop and often use their website. How I wish that I could go to the weekend tent sale, and see you and lots of the Webs folks...and take home sooo much yarn.

Best wishes.

Elaine said...

Knit And Crochet Now (up to date version) has made it to Chicago. Yesterday was knitting and crocheting with beads. Television studios are amazing. I guess we don't realize how much it takes to get a program on the air. Thanks for sharing.
Webs does has great "stuff"!!

MicheleinMaine said...

As luck would have it, I will be at the Tent Sale this Sat. while my sister enjoys Smith reunion activities! What a treat! I hope I get to meet you. I might even bring a cooler.