Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back at the Farm

Had a great couple of days at TNNA in Columbus, OH. So nice to see old friends and meet new ones too. I used to do massive numbers of trade shows every year when I worked as Creative Director at Classic Elite in the 80's and 90's. I don't miss them, I will admit. Mostly it was the travel that got to me and when I was waiting in Chicago for hours for a delayed flight on Friday, I remembered this!

Nice thing was all I had to do was show up on Saturday morning and smile and chat all day long. The fine folks at Classic Elite had set up a small section of the booth for me to display my yarns and all the new designs. Unfortunately, I kind of spaced out taking photos of all the new upcoming fall projects but I'll be sharing them soon here on the blog soon.

Here are some out-takes from the booth. Here is the Classic Elite great wall of yarn with a photo which you will be seeing this winter. It was taken at the farm this past winter for the photo shoot for Color By Kristin


Here are the 5 new shades in Color By Kristin distributed by Classic Elite Yarns. You can download a color card of it here on my website

Another photo of a new design. This hat and mitten set was designed by Ann Kelly. 

This is my favorite scarf from the new collection.

Here I am with my friend Susan B. Anderson. Sorry about the fuzzy picture. She was doing a booksigning for her new book Topsy Turvy Knit Toys. So fun to see all the projects from this fabulous new book. She is such a great designer. Too bad we didn't have time even for a cup of coffee.

At the Columbus Airport there was a great display of kids art. Loved it!

I flew in and out of Newark, NJ. Julia stayed with her grandma. A million thanks to my mom and sister Jenn for taking care of Julia so that I could go to the trade show. It's not easy to leave our farm and at this time of year with haying, farmers markets, growing lambs. It is impossible for The Farmer to be mom and dad at the same time. So thanks MOM! A MILLION! XO

On the way home, we had an extra passenger named Tess. She is a Boston Terrier and we delivered her to my sister Nancy's family in NH. They lost their young dog a few months ago and Tess needed a new home. She was a great passenger.

I'll leave you with a bowl of delicious color. Good day everyone!

Bowls full of my delicious colors and fabulous fiber blend of wool/mohair/alpaca  


Marcia said...

Don't know which I love more -- the Boston pic or the yarn pics.
I've had Bostons all my life. Good luck to Tess and your family. If they've never had a Boston before, they are in for a real treat.

That said, so glad your yarn is still available. I'm thinking about what I can do with it.

Cherie M in EP CO said...

Gorgeous, Kristin! I can't wait to work with new colors. Thank you for sharing your wonderful color sense.

sandi said...

I can't believe I didn't get even a glimpse of you! I, too, was in a booth, and didn't have time to wander. Glad you had a good show.

cate polacek said...

Ooh, love that colorwork scarf, too!

Anonymous said...

The scarves and mittens are terrific - and Tess is adorable.
-- stashdragon

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I didn't see you at TNNA. I was there with a friend who has a yarn shop in her home in the Columbus area.

Lindy said...

I already have most of your colors and now I want all 5 of the new shades - shades of fall - my favorite season. So glad you were able to take little Tess home to your sister and give Tess a much needed forever home. :D

Michele in Maine said...

Love all the colors and especially love the Boston Terrier! I've been wanting one for a while. They are so cute!

Caffeine Girl said...

I LOVE the project you shared --both the hat and the mittens. When can the rest of us get our hands on it!

Lindy said...

Good morning, Kristin :) I am wondering if you can provide us with the color names/numbers of the 5 new yarns you show in one of the pictures on this blog post? I have a box full of your fantastic yarn and possibly have some of those colors already. If not, I want to place another order. Thanks loads and happy knitting :D