Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Colorful Summer Days

It is heating up here again - over 90 degrees and humid. Hope where you are, there is a place to keep cool. I just heard from the folks at Casart Coverings - the folks who produce my three wallpaper murals. They are having a summer sale and the panels are 35% off. Check it out here

My studio is buzzing with lots of color. Here's a pile of my Color By Kristin ready to go for an afghan for my new book. I couldn't resist taking the photo as it was all stacked up and looked so pretty. My studio is a real disaster but that's how it gets when lots of work is being done.


I just purchased a rotary cutter. I never had much reason to own one although somehow I ended up with a rotary cutting pad years ago and have used it on my work table for measuring and squaring things. This cutter worked great to produce straight edges for a quilt I am making for the new book.

These flowers are still blooming. Looking gorgeous. 

If you are into crochet, you might want to participate in a "giant bunting making" that will be displayed in the UK at a festival called Yarndale. Lucy of Attic 24 is organizing the project. You can view instructions and a tutorial here. There is generous yarn store that is collecting all the triangles for Lucy. About the photo from Attic 24 blog: The photo was taken at the 2011 knit and stitch show at Alexandra Palace and was part of the Woman's Weekly Centenary year celebrations attempt to break the world record for the longest line of bunting ever made (8,982ft!).

Photo from Attic 24 blog
Keep cool everyone.


Auntie Shan said...

That *PILE* looks like about the same amount that I literally have to SNEAK into the house after a "SPREE" at MICHAEL'S!!

Well, the humidex has been over a 100 up here for the last 2 weeks! We finally got a sprinkle of rain earlier... hopefully more later... Thankfully my basement "Yarn-Cave" has been just cool enough to get some knitting done!

BTW, soooo jealous of your Studio SPACE!!

Cathy said...

I just planted my first black-eyed susans this year, three different varieties. One of them looks just like yours! Can't wait to see your quilt - love the bright colors.

Marcia said...

And I'm eager to see the new book and the afghan. I'll have my hook ready!!

tjf said...

I love all the colors in your blog! I am excited to see your new book; I love the colors for the afghan (knitted??) and the quilt, too. It seems as though you will have a real variety of projects/ideas in your book.