Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Garlic Scapes, Scape Pesto and Odds and Ends

Garlic scapes are just too beautiful. I've been picking them up at local Farmers Markets. Did you know if you put them in a vase, they keep growing and twirling around? Fascinating!

Yesterday I made garlic scape pesto. I cut the scapes into pieces about 1" long and processed them in my Cuisinart along with the regular pesto ingredients - olive oil, nuts (I used almonds), parmesan and that is about it. It was great on toast for breakfast. This recipe looks about like what I do. 

It has finally cooled down some. Thank goodness. Last week I never would have dreamed of heating up a pot of water for pasta but last night I did and we ate the Garlic Scape Pesto on linguine. Totally delicious. 


 Last night we had thunder, lightening and glorious rain. Boy did we need it. It sounded so pretty pouring down on the porch roof. It will help my garden which is doing well - even if the plants are still small. I'm still planting sunflowers so I have them blooming in the early fall when I'll have the photo shoot for my new book. 


 The sheep that were sheared seem much happier. They look like goats, don't they? Still have more to do but the shearer is going south to shear so we'll be at the top of the list when he returns home. 

Good week everyone.


Anonymous said...

All the sheep around here are freshly shorn too. :) I have favorites that I watch for as I drive. And a donkey!! I consider it an extra good day if I spot the donkey! I know. I'm a nut. LOL sammatrav

Frances said...

How much cooler those sheep must be. I know that I feel much cooler (even without a shearing) after a rain storm helped clear up our heat and humidity.

Hoping that your sunflowers will flourish!

I'll be at the Union Sq. farmers market tomorrow and will be on the lookout to see if garlic snapes are still on offer. I want to get some to stick in a jar of water and watch what happens. I do also like their pesto possibilities.

Best summer wishes to you. xo

tjf said...

I never know what to do with garlic scapes! I'll try the pesto. Thanks. We need some rain in Colorado, too, but it doesn't look like we'll be getting much any time soon. Can't wait to see your sunflowers!