Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This Week's Inspiration and Odds and Ends

I'm being inspired by paisleys this week. I've been lucky in my life to visit the Paisley Museum in Scotland many years ago to view their textile collection.  


Interesting that this museum was funded by a man named Peter Coats of the Coats thread manufacturing family. BTW, Coats and Clark is the owner of Westminster Fibers, Rowan Yarns, and Westminster Lifestyle Fabrics which is incidentally still selling paisley designs

I've found a second use for corks from wine bottles.


Spent the weekend on the coast of Massachusetts at a Nicholas Family Reunion. My cousin Wendy arranged for a garden tour of this amazing place

What a fun afternoon - in the heat.  You can see some lovely photos of it here and here

How sweet - Webs Hearts Me! You can read the fun little feature in the brand new Webs Catalog. Thanks to Kathy and Steve Elkins for inviting me to be featured.  I am very honored Kathy and Steve!

The feature is on pages 54 to 55 and you can read it on-line here. There's a nice article on crochet by my friend Sarah Delaney on pages 58 and 59. 

The heat has subsided just a bit. And today the humidity is a bit less. I've been melting for the past week. Hope you are surviving the heat wherever you are everyone! 


Cathy said...

We are several states apart, but I've been melting too in PA. Cool feature in Webs catalog!

Caffeine Girl said...

I already saw the Webs article. As always, you are so charming and inspirational!

MicheleinMaine said...

Humidity and I are not friends. At all. Can't stand to be hot, love to be cold! At least we don't have woolly coats!