Friday, August 16, 2013

Fleeting Summer Days

Thirteen days until Julia starts her freshman year of high school! Oh my - where has the time gone? Life seems to be buzzing by at an unstoppable blur. I am trying to get over to the Knitted Garden Exhibit at Colorful Stitches in Lenox. Hopefully next week one day. For a preview, check out the Colorful Stitches blog. It is up until Labor Day. 
Photos by Bonnie Burton - Colorful Stitches, Lenox MA

My book is coming along. Here's another reason I couldn't run classes this summer. What a mess - but a creative mess. The stuff that is coming out of this space is pretty fun. Loving my studio so much.

Tomorrow I will be "cooking koftas" at the Amherst Farmers Market - made with our ground lamb. It is supposed to be a beautiful day so I hope to get some new lamb converts. Stop by if you are local. Not local? Pick up the recipe here

My friend Brett Bara is doing a crowd funding campaign (indiegogo) for her new "Brooklyn Craft Company." Check it out here if you are curious. There is a video. 

Last night little Miro went off to his new home. It is very quiet here today without that little ball of energy. 

His Mama Mittens is not very happy with us. 

On Wednesday evening, Julia and I were sitting on the porch chatting. Petunia came and sat next to us. As the minutes went by, I noticed she seemed to be having contractions. I have never been privledged to sit with a cat as it gave birth - most of our mama cats have given birth in closets away from the dogs and people. Not this time. She pushed and pushed and then screamed. I had never seen or heard that either! I had to pull the first one out as it was breech. It took until 9:30 and 3 more screams. Petunia did it. Three little "tuxedo" kittens and one gray tiger. They all have "double paws." but look like little rats now. 

They are still where she had them and we are watching them nurse and crawl around - all piled up on top of each other as if they were still in the womb. Awesome. I'll keep you posted. In 8 weeks I'll have some kitties available if anyone needs a furry friend. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


Sarah Rooker said...

My Elizabeth heads off to her freshman year in 1 1/2 weeks too! I also have a senior.....oh my. High School goes f.a.s.t. I will not be sharing this post with my hubby as he will want to come down and get one of your kittens. He, the non-cat lover, adores Calvin so much. I've named him "the cat whisperer." I may come down to your neck of the woods tonight. Helen is singing with Village Harmony in Guildford!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Love the flowers. Beautiful.