Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Out the Studio Door

Just finished planting the last of this year's sunflowers! Here's hoping they will have time to bloom. What about you? Are you planting or have you given up for the year. The Farmer dug out this bed for me. It is infested with some kind of weed with an incredibly nasty root system. Every spring it chock full of this weed and it is a real job to get it out. He was so nice to help - he is so much stronger than I am. It would have taken me a day at least.

Hope the seeds will produce flowers. Time will tell. The Grandpa Ott morning glories are starting to bloom. I only planted them once - they re-seed themselves. Love them. Learn more about Grandpa Ott here.

The trumpet vine has been putting on a show.


This is a lovely post about a lamb recipe from Tartelette. And this looks like fun for kids to try. 

Hope you are enjoying these beautiful summer days. Everyday I am noticing the shorter days and the gorgeous morning and afternoon light. I can feel the coming days of autumn - all too fast.


ellen said...

Yummy lamb..my favorite meat ever.
I love the colors of the Grandpa Ott and trumpet vine. They remind me of the gorgeous colors you combine in your lovely knitting.
I would love to have some morning glories, but since we have a nursery, I could be drawn and quartered for introducing them here.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Regarding that nasty weed that takes over your garden - in the fall when you get the bed ready for winter, cover it up with black plastic and weight the plastic down with stones or logs. The black plastic/sun combination will kill the weeds and make it much easier to work next year. We did this with a nasty patch of poison ivy - actually we didn't even pull out those vines for obvious reasons - we just covered the area and waited. It seems to have worked well because we have not had any reoccurrence of the nasty ivy!

Kathy said...

Hope your sunflowers make it. :) Loved seeing the other flower photos. I've been trying to comment on a few of your past posts, with not much luck. I seem to be doing something wrong. Hope this one makes it. I wrote a long one about your Fair Isle sock, but alas...

Kate G said...

I can't wait for your sunflowers. Fingers are crossed that they make it and the photos that will follow.

We're harvesting haricort verts and planting Chinese Mustard and broccoli rabe here on the West Coast. Foggy days and low sun for us, but the garden is as fun as ever. So much to figure out.

Michele in Maine said...

Good luck with your sunflowers! I am still planting some to fill in where the seeds failed to germinate. You inspired me to devote 1/2 my garden plot to a mix of sunflowers - some are really taking off but no blooms yet.