Monday, December 30, 2013

Popping In...

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday break. Julia and I are off to Boston to see the lights and decorations and meet up with friends. 
Teddy the Kitten has found a patch of sun and a small swatch to nap on. Awwwww.

 Here are a couple of fun knitting links for you all. 
Here's the back-story behind the Fedex knit cozy everything commercial.
Nice article about "Great British Knitters" HERE.
See you in the New Year!


Kathryn Vercillo said...

Kitty looks so cute and cozy! Happy New Year!!

Adaliza said...

Happy New Year to you all on the farm, or as we wish each other in Wales - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda x

Clipping Path said...

Well done, good piece of information. Happy New Year to you all on the farm. Clipping Path

Anonymous said...

Wonderful articles thanks for posting them. Have a happy, safe, knitty new year everyone.

Anonymous said...

~ hi Kristin & family,
~ Happy 2014 ~

Always the *best* to you & your family, meowy-kittens too !
I can't wait to know what your new book is in 2014 !
Also, thanks for the great article links on Knitters making a living with knitting ! Inspiring !
Shell ~

Adaliza said...

Hope you're all OK in the snow. Heard on the news that you've got loads and it's causing proper problems. Hope you're all keeping warm and yourselves and the flocks fed. Take care. A x

Liz said...

How sweet!

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