Wednesday, February 12, 2014

205 and Preparing for the Next Big Storm

We are up to 205 lambs. They aren't coming quite as quick as they were for a while - now it is 4 to 5 a day and somedays, none! Here is one that I arrived to find just seconds after it was born.

This little black and white spotted lamb is so cute. We have a few of these - they were born to some of our Dorper cross ewes. 

This is one of the sets of triplets. The mama doesn't have enough milk for all of them so they are being supplemented with lamb milk replacer via a soda bottle and a special lamb nipple. They are very friendly because they are always looking for a snack.

This is No. 17. She is our only official bottle lamb. Her mama had twins and rejected her. She was in the kitchen for a couple weeks and it was doubtful she was going to make it. She did and now lives in the barn with the rest of the sheep. She follows The Farmer around all day long. Really quite cute I must say - his little fan. 

Today we are getting ready for the next storm which is supposed to arrive tomorrow a.m. It is supposed to snow for 24 hours! UGH is all I can say. 


We fed out a several bales of hay and hopefully the sheep will have enough to keep them going. They eat more during storms. They don't seem to mind the snow. 

I'm bringing in piles of wood for our furnace. Our wood pile is almost gone. The Farmer will cut up trees that are down in the woods. But seriously - like he needs one more thing to do.  And with the snow, it's going to make it harder. I guess the house is going to be cold as I hate paying for oil. 


RubyC said...

I always read your blog posts. It is always refreshing. You have so many things happening about which many folks often wonder. Dress warm and in layers and enjoy being surrounded by all the colorful things in your home and stay warm.


penny said...

sending loads of good thoughts your way! may all of you stay warm and safe.

MicheleinMaine said...

Oh, Kristin, I am so with you on the firewood and heating oil! We are on the last 'row' of wood - I've never used so much, so fast in 20 years of Maine winters! My oil tank is full but I hate to use it! It's been topped off twice so far and I told daughter Mia that she'd better get used to wearing more sweaters in the house as I don't want to buy (or use) any more!

Good luck with this latest storm. The Farmer looks so cute with his protege!

Auntie Shan said...

Weird spotting... You might have to do "GOT SHEEP" posters! ;-D

yeah. I noticed that new storm coming up the coast... It's not suppose to get here until Friday. And, I think we may also be getting a bit of stuff from the west, over the Lakes..? - whatever. You'll be getting smucked for sure!

Stay dry and warm!

Sara said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. The farmer is so adorable with his little follower. Now does this baby get special consideration in life since he's bottle fed and a follower? The markings on those lambs are great too. They look like my puppy!

Anonymous said...

lol those dorper cross lambs, are you certain the cross wasn't with a Holstein cow? And the bottle lamb is cute. Looks like she could get underfoot and stepped on if she is careful.
Hope the weather is not as bad and good luck on the least you have options other than the oil. Helen

DJ said...

Stay warm and safe. That little black and white lamb could easily pass for a Holstein calf. It's just adorable, as are all the little fellas.

Adaliza said...

Stay safe and warm. Magical photos capturing lovely moments. I love your 'panda' lambs - I haven't seen any of those over here. Must admit, I'm a tiny bit envious of your snow as we're just having rain, rain, rain but the novelty soon wears off, doesn't it? Ax

Frances said...

Kristin, your lambs are absolutely adorable!

Best wishes to you during today's snow delivery...right now it is snowing heavily here in NYC. The City snow plows keep coming down my street, and so the resulting curbside pile ups are taller every hour. It's a heavy snow...with rain due this afternoon, and then more snow overnight into Friday.

What a winter! xo

Lizy Tish said...

What sweet pictures, yet again! Oh, the bottle fed lamb that follows The Farmer! Tons of snow today here in upstate NY - same storm you are getting. Bundle up and stay warm! Our woodpile is quite low too...

LannieK said...

Oh I'd adopt 17 in a second! And the spotted one, and.. Oh well. 205 and only one bottle lambie, pretty amazing! They are all so darn cute. Stay warm and toasty!

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