Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sounding Like a "Broken Record" - Snow Storming Again

I suppose if I mentioned "broken record" to Julia she would look at me and wonder what I was talking about. Funny how some phrases and terms just fade away with generations. 

Lamb Count: 219

We have just about had it with winter but it doesn't stop. The cats sit by the door - not wanting to go out in the deep snow. The wood supply is pretty much gone and we'll have to resort to burning oil. UGH. I will order an extra cord or two next year. There is wood in the woods to be cut but the snow is too deep. Sugaring is right around the corner and so many farmers are getting ready for it.

Yes it is storming again. I never got to posting last week's storm and today there is more snow coming. It is school vacation week and I have a big deadline/project that is taking all my energy and time. Thank goodness for the Olympics so I have something to watch in the evenings. We all have our fingers crossed for Mikaela Shiffrin tonight. Her grandmother Betty is one of my Mom's best friends. Her Dad Jeff and Aunt Lauren grew up down the street and went to school with us. This is the closest our family has been to an Olympic experience. Go Mikaela.

Here's what it looked like last week - and still looks like this week. It is a repeat. At least it isn't mud.

The farm road is still not passable - too deep to drive on and we don't have a plow

Eating hay during the storm. The little lambs use the hay bale for shelter.
The little lambs are growing. They are beginning to eat hay.
They love the bales of hay - part food - part jungle gym.
What a sweet dirty face.
During the storm - looking out.
The next day after the storm - the ewe on the right looks rather disgusted.
Two cuties in the barn after the storm.
Two cute little lambs. Their tails are going to fall off any day now.
After the storm. The sheep pack down the snow and make sheep trails.
Enjoy the photos. Stay warm.


Anonymous said...

Oh they're cute...thanks for posting. Good luck with the snow. I am usually stoic but am Sick of It. Sorry about the oil...I have quite a bit of wood left, but put the thermostat up the other day because sometimes I just get so sick of the drill. (It also seems like so many people I know are vacationing in the Yucatan, Puerto Rico etc....puh-leeez!) Anyway, I forgot the heat was on and leapt up, panicky, to turn it down later! Thank you for the lambs, the colors--spring WILL come! Ann from Maine

Cathy said...

Sorry - the snow comes here first and we send it on to you!! I think I'm as disgusted as your one ewe. Tomorrow's forecast is for icy precip. Hang in there!!

Auntie Shan said...

Sweetie, if You're a "broken record", then my 2-week-*BEHIND*-DAILY-Blog is a "record store that's just been smucked by a COMET - [celestial ICE-BALL]"!! CRYO-Precipitation is pretty much mentioned in EVERY Post! - YOU at least have a valid "excuse" to talk about it! So, don't apologize for it!! Besides, your pics actually make all that snow look "good"!

You know, come to think of it, just about every time a WINTER OLYMPICS site complains about NOT having enough snow, that's when WE ALL do! hmm...

mn_bird said...

I really love the pictures of your two tuxedo cats.

I hope you get a break from the constant snow storms.

cockney blonde said...

Love the pictures of your gorgeous little lambs. Keep warm, x

Anna Conway said...

Really, really cute lambs!

Adaliza said...

That's a heck of a lot of snow. It must be really tough, with the constant daily routine of feeding/water, the added work of lambing and just the amount of time it takes to trudge through the stuff to do anything at all outside. No wonder you're exhausted by evening! Hope it eases up soon. We're seeing definite signs of Spring here - snowdrops & daffodils bursting through. A few weeks and hopefully we'll all be feeling the sun on our backs.

2andahalf-acres said...

awwwww I love your pictures!!!! i love the cat pictures (the color in it! So pretty) and your lamps are absolutely cute :D

Lizy Tish said...

Yes - I've had enough of the weather too. I live west of you near Albany so we get pretty much what you get. It's tiring at this point! Love seeing the adorable pictures.

knitski said...

I wish I could say I feel sorry that you have all that wonderful snow as I sit in Alaska wishing I had all of your snow. What a crazy snow year! Feel free to send that snow right up here anytime.

Best of luck with all those babies!

Anonymous said...

I know how much work a farm is, but I still am jealous that you live among such beauty and sweet amimals.