Thursday, February 06, 2014

Storm Photos - 174 and Counting

We all (sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, donkey, llama and people) made it through the first storm of 2014. We got about 10" of white fluffy snow. It is cold now and so it may stick around. It snowed all day long, beginning at about 5 in the morning. 

Lots of businesses were closed but not our sheep farm. Animals still need to be fed and checked on. Luckily, there were no new lambs born during the storm. 

There were a few the night before to be looked for and checked on. One in particular had a mom who was not really caring for her lamb. At times like these, we try to bring the lamb and mama into the barn. She was not to be caught - too wild - but we did manage to get her inside with her lamb. 

Other than that, feeding hay, grain, and daily chores. 


After that, I was able to take these photos for you. I'll add more later. Snowy days are one of my favorite days to photograph. The snow covers up the mud and muck and all the white around looks so pretty. The sheep and lambs have snowy coats. Their normal off white color looks so creamy and dirty against the white snow. 


Some of the ewes just sleep in the snow - when they get up there is a big patch of ground that the heat from their bodies etched into the snow.


More later today when I get a chance.


Anna Conway said...

Love the snowy photos!!!

Cathy said...

We have had so much snow and ice here - probably the most we have had in four years - but even though I am tired of it, I still enjoy looking at it. Especially in your photographs with the sheep and lambs. It has dawned on me that I can't get far from my roots - which are as a country mountain girl. Farm life is hard but amazing at the same time. Thanks for sharing and prayers for all the ups and downs it brings!

lily boot said...

Oh my! The second last photo with the little lamb trudging after its mum is so beautiful. I agree - whilst appreciating all the work that snow must bring - it does look beautiful. Totally different from the sheep I saw last week who were standing in 43 celsius heat in the middle of parched golden fields in Australia! Good thing sheep are so resilient!

adaliza said...

Just left a long comment that was eaten by Google, so I'll just say thanks for posting the photos. Stay warm x

Auntie Shan said...

I was wondering about how MUCH you would have gotten... We just scraped the top of that last one with a just a "dusting" of flakes! -- I guess it was just giving me a "break" from Saturday's *DUMP-FEST*!! - Not that I'd let a BLIZZARD *stop* me from going SHOPPING and buying YARN! :-D [especially on my B-Day!]
Although, I really could have done WITHOUT the 4-hours of SHOVELLING on Sunday! Half of that *just* on the "GLACIER" THE-CITY tossed into my Laneway! -- you know... IF I had that BALE-LIFT contraption backed-up into my driveway, I'm sure that EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY would have *second-thoughts* about leaving most of the "street" on *my* side of the CURB! looks like we should all be a couple of NON-snow days ahead... ENJOY THEM *WHILE* YOU CAN!!

Lizy Tish said...

Love the pictures of the snow - especially the one of the donkey!

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