Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Roads Leading Where?

Spring is really springing here at the farm. I have been taking a few photos to document the change in the colors on the road and posting them on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram here. It really is amazing how fast the leaves pop out. Here is Day 1.

Here is Day 2.

Here is yesterday - Day 3. The leaves are still bright green - that amazing shade of youthful leaves. The greens at this time of year suggest such possibility. It is truly gorgeous and hopeful.

In February, we were contacted by a Richie Davis, a reporter for our local paper The Greenfield Recorder about doing a story about our farm. That's why I love our local paper - there is usually some kind of local agriculture feature - photo or article - at least once a week. The Farmer likes to stay under the radar and shuns any kind of publicity or attention drawn to him. I guess that is how we stay married - he is in the background and I'm out there. 

Richie proposed an article called Two Farms about our sheep farm and Mark's brother David's dairy farm - Sunbrite Farm. It sounded like an interesting concept for a local farming story - cow vs. sheep. I said yes before asking! The article took a long time for Richie to put together - he had to interview both families and then craft a story. Photos were taken of both farms and farmers. The result was a in-depth, 2 page article about the realities of farming in the year 2014 on land that has been in the Duprey family since the 1920's. 

You can read it via a PDF I put on our lamb website here.  The article has generated a lot of interest in both the farms. These two farmers - my husband Mark and my brother-in-law David work so hard with their animals and their land. They are the silent heroes of local agriculture, along with their sheep and cows.

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from TInky Weisblatt, the Food Writer for The Recorder and cookbook author. She had heard about my lamb recipes via Richie and wanted to feature them in the Wednesday food pages. Today, I have some recipes featured in the paper and a short interview about how I have learned to cook lamb too. The really fun thing for me is to see my photos featured in the local paper. Cool. Here is a live link to the article that you should be able to read. I don't think the photos are on-line though.

Busy here. All this spring stuff and trying to keep the energy up to keep creating. Hope you are having a good week.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading this story! I so admire your family's hard work and determination. Wishing you much success. Thanks for sharing all that you do.
connknits on ravelry

Auntie Shan said...

Super Articles! -- Although, "typical" of Newspapers with the mix-up in the Photo-caption-copy. :-[
BTW, David really should get some physio done on that rotator-cuff! - I went for a whole year in pain myself until I got proper treatment. It's sooo much better now! [the "secret" is *resistance*-exercise]

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