Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Mittens and the kittens
The word community seems to be such a popular term these days. Here at the farm, we have some real community going on in cat world. We have 2 litters of kittens and 2 moms. The litters have now combined and both the moms take turns nursing the kittens. 

Petunia and the kittens
This sharing of the love, the milk, and the parental responsibilities has really been something to see and learn from for all of us. Human kind should take some lessons from cats.


Frances said...

Kristin, you are absolutely right about our being able to learn a lot from cats and kittens Mind you, I write those words as more of dog fan than a cat fan, but...who could ignore what your photographs show.


Wild Thyme Creations said...

Our two cats did this same thing this year. I've been told it's pretty common, but, I'd never seen or heard of it before.

Annie said...

Oh,my,my, what an adorable picture!

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