Friday, August 01, 2014

Sahana's Embroidery and The Kittens

Around here at the farmhouse, it has been all about the kittens. We have 9 sweet little things that are growing so fast. I've been posting photos of them on FB and Instagram if you want to see more - links on my sidebar. 

The kittens are almost ready to fly the coop and we will miss them but we have found good homes for 7 of them and I have my fingers crossed, we will find a couple more nice families for the remaining 2.  Little people, little animals - they all grow so fast, don't they?

A few weeks ago I introduced some new easy, beginning stitching kits. I designed these to be quick to make and approachable for beginning stitchers - either kids or adults. I often overdesign things and make them more complicated than most folks want so it was a challenge to keep things simple. I love how they came out. The kit is a printed, colorful linen/cotton fabric panel including instructions. The stitchers adds their own combination of embroidery stitches to each piece.

I ran into some friends at the library a few weeks ago. Rashmee (the Mom) told me how she was doing lots of knitting and stitching with her two daughters this summer. I asked her if the kids might like to try the new kits. The next day, I dropped the fabric and instructions off at their home. 

The next week at the library, Sahana (the younger of the two girls - I think she is 7 or 8) was waiting there with her finished embroidery. Her Mom said she did it all herself - picked out the colors of floss and did it all. Sahana definitely has talent in her fingers, doesn't she? Lilah, Sahana's sister is working on the bird kit and I can't wait to see what she does with it.

I love that kids are still learning embroidery and crafts that many people think of as "lost". I know it takes the guiding hand of an elder person to sometimes introduce the child to a craft. I think this is so important and all of us older folks need to keep spreading the crafting word - whether it is through a new product or a quick lesson - or just knitting and stitching in public. 

I hope your summer is going well. We have had a stretch of great weather and everything is growing - sheep, flowers, veggies, grass, hay, and kittens. Have a nice weekend everyone.


Adaliza said...

I agree - it's so lovely to see the youngsters coming on and learning traditional skills - with their own modern twist. Never fails to amaze me how design and skill develops generation after generation. Busy weekend ahead for us - a wedding tomorrow (a surprise invitation for a lady for whom I made memory quilts) and then a market on Sunday. It's been so hot but it's meant to cool down a bit here. You have a lovely weekend too.

Auntie Shan said...

Yes, there's definitely a Stitchy future there. And, She had nice long slim Fingers, too... Even at Her age, I'll bet that if She had a good book of Stitch diagrams, She could probably end up teaching Herself.

People forget that "back-in-the-Day", Girls were being taught how to do "Stitching" at THAT Age! -- I was 6 when I first began...

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