Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sunflowers Beginning to Bloom and New Things Around Here

It's been quiet here, hasn't it? No, I haven't disappeared..... I've just been enjoying the last days of summer. Julia went back to school today. She is beginning a new school and we have our fingers and toes crossed that it will work out okay. 

Now it is time for me to play catch-up - here on the blog and in real life. I've got so many ideas simmering in my head and I hope I can accomplish just some of them. That is the good thing about taking time off - the ideas percolate and when you begin again, you are fresh and new.

We have had an unusually cool summer. My garden tomatoes got the "blight" and I think I may not even plant any next year. It is so disappointing - the 4th year in a row. Otherwise my garden has done really well. The zinnias recovered from the black spot (thank you copper fungicide). It is about to be stunningly beautiful with the arrival of all colors and shapes of sunflowers. 

I've been doing a lot of crewel embroidery this summer - at the Farmers Markets, in the evenings and when traveling. Here is a project I am almost done with - it is an off-shoot of my summer Crewel Embroidery class and my Craftsy on-line "Stitch It with Wool" class. Link for the class on my left sidebar.

Here is a close-up of some of the motifs and stitches. I am thinking of turning this into a "pattern/pdf." Would anyone be interested? 

What do you think? It was a very fun project to do - playing with stitches and colors and making up all kinds of variations. This piece will be sewn into a pillow for the porch.

How is everyone handling the bounty of late summer? Pickling anyone? Baking? Preserving? Would love to hear. 

I love a good "fruit crisp" and I am always trying new recipes looking for the perfect combo of crunch and fruit. This one looks intriguing.

While we are talking about fruit - I'm going to break out the tart pan and make this peach tart. I made it a few years ago and it was very tasty.

Anyone going to the Brimfield Antique Market next week? I will be although still not sure what day. Here's the info you need

I'll be back with more regular posts in September. To end today, here's a few photos of the kittens we raised which have moved onto new homes. I know you all love a kitty photo or two. 

Mama Petunia and kitten snoozing

Snuggling on my felted wool coasters

Pile of three

In deep sleep

Sneak peeking


Spiffypaws said...

awwww they are adorable. we could all learn something from these cuties.

Jules Means said...

Petunia and her kitten is a cute shot, but I'm freaking out over the beautiful fabric on the chair!!!

editknit said...

Yes, I think you should do a pattern for the crewel project. I would love to learn more about crewel--I'm enjoying your Craftsy class.

Patti said...

A new pdf from you? Yes! I may not do crewel, but your creativeness inspires me to try your designs in different mediums.

pam ehlers stec said...

A new crewel pattern??? Yes, please!!! I have really enjoyed taking your crewel Craftsy class this summer. It has been so much fun learning new stitches and discovering fresh color combinations. Embroidering this new colorful project would be the perfect thing to do during the snowy winter months here in Minnesota.

Helen said...

It makes me feel slightly better that your tomatos got the blight because so did mine. We have been trying for several years and it sucks that we cannot get it right. The cooler summer has not helped at all.
I am with you that I hope all our children have a good school year!

obat diabetes alami said...

Nice Share. I wait the update

Joanne said...

This year, I have been trying out slow cooker fruit spreads/jam which I then can and put on the shelf. I have also learned that the cuisinart does perfect pickle slicing so I can put up pickles quickly at night. Will try slow cooker chutney soon. With twin three year olds and little summer childcare, putting up (with it?,has been hard this year!

Helen Hart said...

Your patterns are great and the color work is wonderful. Also, must say, I adore the kitty pictures. Have none, but love cats. No tomato blight here in Wyoming. Have a great fall everyone. We all wonder when the first snow will hit.:)
Helen Hart

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