Sunday, February 08, 2015

Snowy Sunday Afternoon

More snow coming here today in western Massachusetts today. I have made a pot of homemade tomato soup with a smattering of orzo pasta. 

Got good news from Roost Books that Crafting a Colorful Home has been reviewed very favorably in Library Journal. How cool. Check it out here

Julia and I are looking forward to the Grammy's tonight. Going to be hard to top the following performance from 2012.

Sir Paul McCartney - Abby Road Medley - Grammy... by IdolxMuzic

What are you doing this afternoon?  


Leslie said...

This morning I engaged in my very first google hang out - a little knitting group my friend in Maine has put together with others from various parts of the country. I've missed having a local knitting group so think Sunday morning might turn into a social time for me.

I am working on a simple vest of somebody's homespun brown corriedale I found a couple of years ago at the New Salem dump. It's a rather "rustic" 2-ply so a simple garter stitch suits it fine. The fun will be the last couple of rows where the spinner experimented with a 2-ply of red silk with the corriedale. I'll be short-rowing the collar of the vest to get as much pop as I can.

Snow is still better than heat and draught!

Auntie Shan said...

I've just come in from doing almost 3 hours of shovelling. Again! ugh. -- Love tomato soup... Especially when mixed with red peppers, tons of crackers... nuts! Now I'm *HUNGRY*!

Teresa said...

We had beautiful weather here in Kansas. We spent much of the day outside with family that was visiting. Our new fire pit held its first fire. It is made from the cast iron bathtub from my childhood home and we sunk it in the ground. We will surround it with native stone this spring.
I'm sorry for all your bad weather. We could use some of that moisture but I don't envy you at all.

RoysFarm said...

Enjoyed the video. Thanks!

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