Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lucy and Terri's Farmhouse

A few months ago, photographer Rikki Snyder was in our area and we got together for breakfast. We were talking biz, photography, publicity, etc - all the stuff you talk about if you are doing what we do being self-employed people trying to make a go of it. Rikki volunteered to help me with the video shoot at our farmhouse. Since she would be traveling here to help me out, I thought it would be good to find her another photography gig in the form of a home to feature on Houzz at the same time.

Photo by Rikki Snyder
I don't know lots of people's homes around here. Folks in New England tend to stick to themselves. In NJ where I grew up, it wasn't odd for someone to stop by and visit. Here in New England, that isn't actually done - without an invitation. At least that's how I see it.

The kitchen table set with Lucy's pottery - photo by Rikki Snyder
Sometimes you have to break the rules. Rikki and I stopped by unannounced at our friends Lucy and Terri's house. Terri is a delivery room nurse who helps us out on the farm sometimes with lambing. Lucy is a potter. I knew their home was nicely done and included many special handmade touches. I also knew that Lucy had a killer pottery studio which would photograph beautifully. This winter, Rikki and I dropped by at Lucy's studio door unannounced and we approached her with the idea of having their house photographed by Rikki for Houzz - just like our house was in 2012. 

Terri and Lucy's charming home is now live here on Houzz.

The porch with one of Lucy's vases - photo by Rikki Snyder

You will love all the handmade touches they have added. Take the time to read how the kitchen was transformed. These women are clever DIY-ers, gardeners, and chicken farmers. Their home is warm and inviting, not pretentious nor overdone - just what a New England farmhouse should be. 

Here is a photo of Rikki and Lucy after the pottery demonstration Lucy did for Rikki's camera. What a great creative day for all of us. 

Enjoy everyone. I know Rikki and I enjoyed our day documenting their splendid warm and welcoming home. I've put the slide show below if you don't have time to pop over to Houzz.

Check out Lucy's pottery here. She makes beautiful dishes, serving pieces, and foodie related pottery. She also makes stunning cremation urns for loved ones which are available in her Etsy shop. Her work is impeccable. I love her green glaze and have a few pieces myself.  

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Auntie Shan said...

That whole " Invitation ONLY" thing is probably just a holdover from those "Tea-Party"-Crashing days...

BTW, I'm glad you didn't mention "killer" pottery studio and "urns" in the same paragraph... Or else, I would've suspected that video to end up being a "lost" episode of "MURDER SHE WROTE"!! - [You know, that Show alone would be enough reason for that New England "call ahead" policy... #justsaying]

Anyhoo, great looking pottery. I'll definitely tag her site for DISTANT-Future reference!


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