Friday, July 24, 2015

The Chair Project - Update

A couple weeks ago I introduced a new project I have begun. A couple years ago I purchased a chair at a junk store. It has sat idle in my studio. I am going to make a slipcover for it. 

I thought it would be fun to print the fabric and then embroider on top of the printing. I decided upon a simple oval and circle design. The graphic shapes make for a nice base for stitching. 

First I tested out the paints on my orange linen. I used Jacquard's Neopaque Series which work quite nice. I used the Versatex Fixer too so that I won't have to heat set my fabric. 

Here are my test splotches. 

I decided to use the hot pink and the red colors. I purchased the small 2 oz. jars and there is plenty of paint to get me through the project. 

I planned out the repeat and drew lines with my favorite light blue removable fabric markers using a graphed quilting ruler as my guide. 

Using the pattern that I made following the Craftsy Slipcovering Class, I stitched a line on the fabric so that I would know how much area to print. 

The printing went really quick. Next to start the stitching. 

You can follow along with my progress on my Instagram feed


Gerri said...

I like that! Colorful yet the fact that the colors (at least on my screen) are very related it still has some calm to it. yes, I can call orange, hot pink and red calm in certain combinations. Happily energetic.

If you have a chance, can you mention your favorite washable marker or give a clue about what to look for when deciding which to purchase?

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I see that Craftsy has several classes on slipcovers. Do you remember which one you took? Would you recommend it?

Kristin Nicholas said...

Gerri - I like the pen that usually says Mark B Gone on the side of it. I think several places market it. Here I found it on Amazon:

Kristin Nicholas said...

The Craftsy Class on slipcovers I like is called Custom Fit Slipcovers: Chains with Cherie Killilea.
Check it out.

mn_bird said...

The stamped fabric is beautiful!!!

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