Monday, October 19, 2015

Beyond Energetic! Beau and Sadie - Our New Great Pyrenees Puppies

It happened - frost that is. I brought in every plant I could. On Saturday morning, all the tender plants were brown. It had to happen - it always does. But it does make me sad. No more pretty flowers until next spring. 

That sadness aside, the light is incredibly beautiful at this time of year. 

Beau and Sadie are settling in and know the daily routine. Each morning starts out with a walk through our three fenced pastures. The puppies are pretty much all business - once they get into the fields, it is nose to the ground all the time. Once in a while they find something disgusting to eat. 

Once we walk all the pastures, we head back up the hill. They usually chase each other and act like over enthusiastic puppies - as they should. 

Beau and Sadie are overly enthusiastic about everything - even Julia. 

They are a great addition to our farm - even if we do miss our big boy Winston every day and evening. It will take them a while to fill his paws. 


phyllis howe said...

From what you shared about that noble beast, he can't be replaced but these two look like they'll keep up their breed's traditions and honor his hard work and memory.

Auntie Shan said...
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Auntie Shan said...

So long as They don't bring those digusting "yard"-Finds HOME and/or EAT them, all should be well!

We've already had a couple of melt-above-ground SNOW-"SHOWERS"... Just hoping that the REAL STUFF holds off another month!!

hmm... It must be PUPPY SEASON, my Brother just got a LABRADOODLE, "Jack"... He's all legs!

Unknown said...

Love the new family members. How long before they start working

Midnite Baker said...

Understand your comment about filling Winston's shoes. My Callie, a goldie, passed May 1, 2008 and I still miss her. She didn't quite make 12 years, as she had juvenile hip dysplasia all her life. Keep my eye out for a replacement, but have not found one yet. My other very best furry friend, was my lap cat, Sparky, who was Siamese. She passed Sept 9, 2014 at the ripe age of 20. Am thinking about a senior cat, as I'm not into a spry young thing who likes to climb drapes and thinks her shadow is chasing her, if you know what I mean. All God's creatures are individuals and some are just more respective to us. Losses are hard, as we are looking for little pieces to replace. Take Care. M

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