Wednesday, February 03, 2016

More Lambs, Kittens + Fantastic Things I Have Found

We're still busy with lambs arriving. Every time we think it will slow down, there will be more. It eventually will end. These two little lambs were so cute - I couldn't stop taking photos of them. Here are two photos because I couldn't decide which I liked better. 

The kittens are leaving this weekend. What a lot of fun they have been. We are going to miss them but they are going to wonderful homes. 

I found this amazing video of embroidery done with wood veneer on dresses for the Chanel Spring 2016 Collection. Really innovative. Not only do they cut the veneer into small pieces and sew onto fabric, they painted it with markers. Further on in the video, you can see the veneer pressed into a pleated type fabric. Exceptional. Watch it if you have 2 minutes. 

Anthropologie is featuring sunflowers in their window. Check out some of the displays here

Speaking of sunflowers..... if you are thinking about ordering some for your summer garden, SunflowerSelections has 3 new varieties. Check them out here

I'm a big fan of illustrator Phoebe Wahl. I first discovered her through Taproot Magazine. Abby Glassenberg has a great interview with her on her While She Naps podcast. Check it out here

These singing sheep and talking Border Collie are pretty cute. Wonder where they shot it and how they did it? Wow. 


Dianne@sheepdreams said...

I love that commercial! Have shared it with all my non-sheep friends, just because! Thanks for all the fun links. I've got about 6 more weeks before my very small lambing season. You and Mark are my heroes to care for the numbers you are raising.

Unknown said...

That's an awesome commercial!

Gerri said...

Thank you for that Chanel video. I never would have found that on my own. There are several very amazing techniques in there! Will have to be thinking the next wood pile I go past...

Adaliza said...

Love the talking collie! I'll have to show that to Belle and Misty - who both talk!

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