Friday, February 12, 2016

Old Girls and The Young

I usually feature only photos here of the little lambs. I think most of my blog readers love to look at the newborn lambs. It's kind of that way with children too - people love to see photos of babies, toddlers and young children but as they grow up - readers aren't so interested. 

That's a problem that I see with our world - most people don't want to look at photos of old wrinkled people, teenagers with pimples, overweight women.... you know - the list goes on and on. My friend Louise has a blog called "Lines of Beauty." It is about graceful aging. Check it out if you can. Lovely stories about getting older. And here's a 93 year old grandma with some real style. What a sparkle in her eyes.  

For today's post, I'm sharing some photos of the girls. The ewes are the mainstay of our flock and they are what makes the farm go around - besides my handsome, overworked husband who loves his sheep and doesn't have time to shave. And how do you like the down jacket patched with duct tape. It's a look. 

(If anyone has an old man's down jacket sitting in a closet which will never be used again, donations for barn jackets accepted. Coats lead a hard life here and by the end of this season, this one will probably be covered in duct tape. It's hard for me to find old ones and I don't want to spend $ on something that will be trashed. Size XL. Color and style doesn't matter. Just needs to be warm. email me - kristinnicholas AT gmail DOT com and I will give you our address.)

Enjoy the weekend everyone. Going to be super cold here - way below zero. Good thing lambing has slowed right down. The sheep and lambs will be fine - they have wool coats on! 

The two on the right are Dorset rams

Nice acrylic hat! He won't wear my handknit ones because they don't fit right. I have given up! 


Leslie said...

Thanks for giving the older "girls" their time in the spotlight :)

And you're right about the duct tape. It's "a look" all right!

amyfibre said...

Yes, the lambs are so adorable, but I'm very glad to see the girls, too. They all have such lovely faces.

Auntie Shan said...

Don't knock duct tape. It's pretty much a staple up here! And, good on everything EXCEPT ducts!
yeah, I can imagine "working" jackets must get a tad hazmat-ish doing what he does. -- BTW, do you prefer "down" because it's "organic" when it goes spilling out of any tears and less likely to be eaten by anyone. Or, because of the lightweight and thermal factor..? Otherwise, silk-batting would fit the bill.
whatever, good WARM UNDER-clothing makes the biggest difference. I'm into wearing machine-washable MERINO undershirts [COSTCO] these days and my SILK longjohns [LLBEAN]. But there are MERINO ones out there now to [COSTCO]. BTW, a good warm turtle-neck also goes a long way in lieu of a scarf. As for jackets, I've got this great ARMY "prototype" Parka that my brother gave me about a decade ago... I'm still discovering new "pockets" in it every year! It has zippers and velcro everywhere!!
Funny about the toque. You'll have to make him a real-fleece lined deer-stalker or aviator cap! -- Actually, sheared-beaver is the best to line a cap with. Try a local thrift shop for the odd old coat...

Anyhoo, I'll keep an eye out...


Melaine said...

Today at 11:11 AM
Hi Kristin,
Love this post. I will keep my eye open for xl down jackets as I have two thrift stores I frequent that usually has an abundance of winter stuff. and Jackets for cold upstate NY weather. and the little thing about the "hat" haha. Just starting to learn to knit, I can see that happening.

take the center of a cold blizzard here.


Patti said...

Love seeing your older sheep - thank you for showing the real side of farming, you don't sugar coat the hard life that is being a shepherd.

I do have a XL down parka that I haven't worn in a couple of years since I no longer am out walking a dog in freezing weather. It is a man's coat, hood and all - not a barn coat. Thinking it is an Eddie Bauer from a decade or so ago my sister gave me when she moved from Michigan. I'll email you.

Lines of Beauty said...

I love seeing your older sheep too! I don't know what it is about me but I have always loved older people.

Thank you sweet pea.

Happy Valentine's day to you three.

Michele in Maine said...

Dear Kristin, you are right, it's the mama's that rule the world! (both sheep and human, haha). Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and telling it like it is. Wish I had a coat to share, hope you get some good ones! Keep warm!

Sherri said...

Kristin, does all your photos bring back memories!! My husband and I along with our 2 daughters raised Romney sheep about 14 years ago. I understand the duct tape on your husband's jacket! I also understand about the cold weather, cracked hands, frozen fingers and toes! We loved our ewes (young and old) and our little lambs when they came into the world. I wish you a healthy and wonderful lambing season!!

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