Friday, March 25, 2016

Where Has the Week Gone? + The Shed

Photo Rikki Snyder
Did you ever have one of those weeks? It seems like I have them all the time. So many plans and then disruptions and the list has little checked off of it. 

Today is Good Friday and on Sunday Easter will be celebrated. Lamb is a traditional feast of choice for many families and we are happy to help supply our farm raised lamb for their holiday meal. The phone has been busy and I am hoping that I sell some lamb for holiday celebrations tomorrow at the Amherst Winter Farmers Market from 10 to 2. You can also find some cuts of our lamb locally at Atlas Farmstand in South Deerfield and Greenfields Market in Greenfield and Buckland.

This week, I hired my nephew Nicholas to help me clean out my little shed near my garden. This shed was the opening double spread page of Crafting A Colorful Home

Photo Rikki Snyder
I've been asked a million times, what is in it? It looks so cute. 

Garden Shed in Snowstorm
Well, let's just say the shed has been a catch-all for lots of stuff I wasn't sure if I wanted to toss or keep. There wasn't even a path to walk through it. Stuff was just piled up like crazy.

Here's what I found (unfortunately I didn't take a total before photo).
Lots of cardboard boxes to use as garden mulch - it seems like I am a cardboard squirrel. (I saved them for this year's garden!)
Odds and ends of balls of yarn in 3 giant trash bags
THREE large mice nests created with said odds and ends of yarn
Lots and lots of scraps of wood which might be needed one day
One expensive window left from home renovations (I am going to have carpenter Kevin install it in a cold bedroom)
About 10 different kinds of lights collected and stored
2 bags of felted wool just waiting for projects
An enormously heavy brush hog attachment to The Farmer's rototiller
The original kitchen island from the basement kitchen to the farmhouse
And the list goes on and on. Not sure why I was hanging on to some of this.

This is how the shed looks now partly cleaned out. 

I am still working on re-homing a lot of the stuff but I am making progress and it feels good. I've got plans for the shed and ideas are percolating in my head. 

If anyone wants the kitchen island - it is up for grabs. My email is kristinnicholas AT gmail DOT com

Size is 35" high x 94" long x 28" deep
4 cabinet doors with shelves inside. 3 Drawers all functioning. 

Please email me. I need it to go - otherwise it will be part of a large bon-fire someday soon. You will need a truck to move it. Super sturdy, heavy and functioning but in a shed, the mice adopted it and I don't like rodents. 

Happy Easter everyone! 


Patricia said...

bet you had to throw away the yarn. DAMN. If it hadn't been for the mouse I would have bought it from you!


Auntie Shan said... that a LOOM thingy on the right..?

Anyhoo, great "space"! :-D
I guess your BARN Cats weren't interested in being downsized to SHED Cats..? -- Too bad about the wool.

So. What's it's gonna be? Another GIRL "cave" for you [since you do have the studio] or a sheep-FREE "MAN"-cave for FARMER? Or, perhaps a "bunkhouse" for GUEST-workers/students...? whatever. Can't wait!


Judy said...

I don't care for those rodents either. Wish I lived closer to you as I would find a place for the kitchen island. :(

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