Sunday, April 03, 2016

Numbers + Progress + Inspiring Things

I'm not much of a numbers gal. Math is definitely not my strong point and never has been. I know the basics to get by to do what I need to do for my life - simple algebra, percentages, and simple accounting. What I do like about numbers though is that they give me a way to track my progress in life and business. Numbers give me a way to gauge success. They aren't always about money for sure. They give me a way to account for how a project is going (or not). 

Here are some numbers that I just stumbled upon. 

10 - I have been blogging on this Getting Stitched on the Farm blog for just over 10 YEARS. My first post was March 16, 2006. Wow. I didn't know I had the concentration to keep at this thing for so long. I should throw a party or something.

2,038,109 - The number of blog visitors since June 2010. That is staggering to me.

104,793 - The number of people who have watched the video about our Colorful Farmhouse. It is no Adele Carpool Karaoke but still - I find it amazing how far the reach of YouTube is. 

53 - The number of eggs in my fridge right now. The hens are producing like mad. Eggs are where it is at for lunch and dinner around here. 

4 - Number of rooms I have started fooling with for my next book project. The house is in such disarray as I start and then don't finish something. Usually I don't subject my family to my artwork and writing experimentation but with this book, it is hard not to impact their living spaces. 
I'm working on the Upstairs Bathroom still. 
The Pink Bedroom which has hit a bit of a stall because I'm not sure if I'm liking my ideas once I started trying them out. 
The Orange Bedroom which has had 2 different tests of paint colors and is about to have a bit of a re-do. I thought I was going to go lighter and tested a yellow and a green. I wasn't loving it and then it came to me overnight that if I lighted up the room, none of my rugs or textiles would go and that would be a disaster. 

Back to the paint store. I chose another yellow (more goldish ochre) and another green (more olive-chartreuse) and I love these as bases for the plans I have. And they will work with the other things already in the room.

The Garden Shed which over the past 2 weeks has been cleaned out. This week, my carpenter friend Kevin put thin plywood over the walls for me. 

I painted it with two coats of white primer. But now it is cold again and I can't do anything on that room until the weather gets warm enough for paint and glue to dry. 

This is the VCT tile that is left from my Studio Renovation Project. I'm going to make a pattern out of the leftover colors and Kevin and I will tile the floor. Can't wait for that. 

This is the exterior of the shed. I had a new window put in my kitchen (with double glazing which the old one didn't have). This is the old kitchen window now in the shed. I plan on a bit of this treatment to the blank pieces of plywood. Will be fun. (Thanks Laura T for sharing those photos with me.)

So although things have been quiet here on the blog (and I have been having guilt for not writing more), I have found it necessary to take a bit of a break and concentrate and formulate ideas for work that needs to be done. Things are gelling. It is a process and although it seems like I am making no progress in the physical way, I am in my head. I know where I am going, a list and wall chart has been made, and now I can hopefully do the work, write it down, and keep it building. Writing a book is a lot of building...... concepts, ideas, projects, and then words and photography and editing. 

This week, I am off to eastern Massachusetts for a presentation at the Essex Needlecraft Guild. Should be fun to share my work. 

In the meantime, here are some fun things you might like too. 

• Sotheby's had an auction of The Duchess of Devonshire's things. You can read about it here. Her stuff raised £1,777,838! Wow. It seems Debo had a lot of fans besides me.
• I discovered the work of Eileen Guthrie in an old issue of The World of Interiors. I love her textile patterns which were mostly done with lino-cuts. What is really cool is her granddaughter has started a company called Flockhart and is having her Grandma's work printed and is selling it. You can read the pdf article via the Flockhart website here
• I love the work of French artist Pierre Boncompain. Check it out here
• I have been crazy in love with Josef Frank's fabrics for Svenskt Tenn. This blog post has a nice representation of the fabrics used in Interiors. 

Have a great week ahead everyone.


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about what it takes to write a book. After seeing your home in person, I can't wait to see what you do for the book!

Auntie Shan said...

Seriously, GIRLFRIEND, with ALL of the STUFF going on in your EVERYDAY "Life", I'm in *AWE* that you can "breathe", let alone find time to "BLOG"!! - [756 - how MANY "drafts" on my Blog that I *should* be getting to!]

hmm... Your SHE-SHED is coming along nicely. BTW, seeing as you only have plywood "veneer" on the walls, are there enough of those floor tiles to do a bottom border on the walls..?

You know, the way you're going at it around the house with paintbrush in hand - [DECADES from now, this is how I envision your "ghost" haunting the house! ;-> ] - it's a good thing my Sister doesn't live near you, as you'd BOTH be "DANGEROUS"!

Meanwhile, it looks like that cold weather is still here to stay some more. The snow you'll be getting later has missed us [so far!], only because of a COLD FRONT passing over us. Windchills were about 1F today! -- I probably shouldn't have photographed those teeny crocus sprouts yesterday... Not only did I "freeze" them "in time", but likely taunted the weather "gods" into freezing them for real! :-{

Anyhoo, STAY *WARM*!

Adaliza said...

I love the chartreuse colour you've chosen - it's beautiful and will reflect the light. You have such pretty windows in your farmhouse. Your shed is a wonderful space. Aren't they amazing when they're empty and a nightmare once they fill up. My big summerhouse is stuffed to the rafters with 'stuff' (mostly the kids stuff, when they 'come home' from wherever they've been living and deposit box fulls of it in my summerhouse)! It's all important stuff from what I'm told so I can't throw it away - but I'm going to threaten to do just that and reclaim my space!! Good luck with your decorating.

Kathleen said...

Hi Kristen! I am a longtime Knit and Crochet fan of yours, and can't wait for the new season. I love seeing your color and pattern-drenched home and your family on the farm. My daughter taught Art and she and my little granddaughter have been creating together and are really a great team. My daughter will love knowing the way you paint lampshades. Can't wait to show her your video! My living room is....beige! I have bird-patterned curtains and a super-colorful Tiffany-style light fixture that my children loved, which was over my parents' dining room table. They wanted us to have it to remember the wonderful times spent with their much-loved Grandparents. It adds a zing of color here. I had to leave my 120 year old home 15 years ago and now live in a condo. It's not the same and I miss my garden! I don't have sun my deck but do have a daughter and son living in homes- my other daughter and husband are looking for one, also- and so I can enjoy theirs! I am aknitting person with a little crochet. Looking for best ways to teach my six-year-old artistic grand girl how to knit. She is very interested! She's tried a bit. Thinking of starting with finger knitting. Been gathering materials for her. Thank you for staying on Knit and Crochet! It wouldn't be the same without you! Sometimes I wish you didn't knit Continental as much, but now it looks more natural to me. I like knitting the other way, and when you switch to English/American I say, "Yay"! :-) You are so talented and approachable and down-to-Earth... Giving the message 'you can do it', 'you can fix it', etc. Take care! Looking forward to your new book!

Unknown said...

It's fun to get a peek at your process! Your family must be an agreeable lot, with so much change going on all around.

suzyb said...

Your she-shed looks fabulous and I am so jealous of folks that have a lovely big place to create. Me, I have my coffee table :( I will get there one day. Love your blog and the fact you take time out of your busy day to share your steps with us, love it.
I really do love your place, your house and shed, looks like a very very comfortable home. Those colours you chose are perfect together!! Never would imagine blending colours like those two together but boy they work! Thanks Kristin for all you do and the steps you are sharing in your book making is fun to follow.
Victoria, BC

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

But Kristin, what do you do in your spare time??? (sorry couldn't resist). That's a lot! Plus sheep. Ithink I have been reading your blog since the beginning-although I sometimes fall behind. Love all that you are up to and that green chartreuse is wonderful! Hope to cross paths with you sometime not too far into the future.

Anonymous said...

~ All hands & cat paws here are clapping & saying * Kudos to Kristin * for ten plus years of bringing a wonder of ART to our lives, in your knit designs, many books, opening up your home & all your creative endeavors. I especially appreciate the many ways you bring to our attention other artists as well, as in this post. Eileen's patterns are stellar, as are the paintings by Pierre and fabrics by Josef. Thank you for all the time spent in researching new and vintage arts to share with us.
* You've long been an inspiration to me Kristin, you're a true patron of all ARTS! * I love the ochre/olive painting in the orange bedroom. I'm soon to be painting a former back bedroom a shade of coral, with maybe teal or indigo windrow trim... for a new knitting/handwork space. Thank you for helping us all see what possibilities we can create for ourselves.
That is * magic * !!
Shell ~ & my tabby cat girl, who also appreciates a nice fabric.

Anonymous said...

~ p.s. I can't wait to see the tile floor pattern of the shed! ~
Shell ~

Unknown said...

How selling a print of your sheep in the snow?

Unknown said...

It is gorgeous and my daughter just bought her 1st house! Would look great in there! She loves sheep!

Unknown said...

It is gorgeous and my daughter just bought her 1st house! Would look great in there! She loves sheep!

Unknown said...

How selling a print of your sheep in the snow?

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