Monday, May 16, 2016

Colorful Inspiration from the Brimfield Fleas

Had a great day at Brimfield on Friday. Got up early and was on the road by 6:30 a.m. Pulled into Brimfield at the J&J Market around 8 - and just past the crowds that were waiting to get in when it opened. The first market of the year is always the best I feel. Dealers have had a winter to stock up on stuff. J & J is the most high end field and is only open on Friday and Saturday. 

I wasn't in the market for much - just inspiration. That's what I love about Brimfield - you can bring barely any money and still have a good time. Parking is $10 - sometimes $5  and entrance to J & J is $5. After that, it's up to you what you spend. There are things at all prices beginning with $1.00. I met up with my sister Laurie, niece Olivia and friend Clara for a mid-morning lunch and to compare finds. Then after lunch, I headed off to the other fields that still had plenty of stuff. The other fields are free. I like to shop the market alone so I can stop when I want and not worry about anyone else. It's a day all to myself. I was done by 1:30 and home in time to see Julia in the afternoon. 

Last year I discovered that if I took pictures of things I loved, I had no interest in purchasing them. Dealers used to be a little miffed when you took pictures but now that cell phones are so prevalent, no one seems to care. 

So here are the things that inspired me - you might see some of the motifs and ideas in upcoming projects in my new book. 

Gorgeous beaded bag with a zipper. Love the colors.

Some kind of woven textile. Nice pattern.

A painted wallhanging of a phoenix.

From the 1920's Appliqued fabrics combined with embroidery.  
Pretty quilt. Like the colors. 

Hooked rug. Nice pattern with the diamonds and the flowers.

This motif was simple and nice. I think I have knit it before. 
Not sure about this rug. Looked knitted but how could it be? Motif above too. 

A Rosenthal rainbow vase. So 70's.

Wacky handpainted drum?

This pattern was on a tray from the 70's. Like the graphic flowers.

Love this bird majolica plate. They were putting birds on it back then too. 

Woven floral blanket. 

Loved this "Puzzle Jug" from the 1800's in Britain.

Liked the delicate floral design.

Italian glass lamp. Love the colors. 

Gorgeous quilt. What work. 
The next Brimfield Market is in July and then the last for the year is in September. It's worth a trip if you are into such things. People come from all over the world - it is amazing the languages you hear. 


Jane Miller said...

Love your comment that if you photograph things you have no interest in purchasing them - I've felt that way lately too. Great to have the photo for inspiration and memories. I'm at the point where I should be cleaning out all my stuff and always feel better if I photograph things before I give them up. Thank god for Pinterest too!

Auntie Shan said...

Total #StashENVY!!

Frances said...

Kristin, thank you so much for sharing these marvelous gems from the Fair. I would have been tempted to make a purchase, but would have tried to restrain myself to absorbing the creativity on display.


Auntie Shan said...

So, speaking of BRIMFIELD-esque items... Was at my local thrift shop earlier this evening [Tuesday 30%off Seniors day], and came across the cutest little cast-iron BUNNY Doorstop! [I'll E-you a pic later] He's only about 4" high but weighs a ton!! Of course, the BEST part, after discounts & taxes, I got him for all of $4.73cdn!
He was an absolute "karmic"-find! ...just sitting there on a shelf full of GLASS stuff no less, where he should NOT have been! But, was just WAITING for ME to snatch him up and take him home! :-D
hmm... Think I might have to crochet up a little basket for him...

Anyhoo, THOUGHT of You and your BRIMMIE stuff when I found him!

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