Friday, May 27, 2016

Lilac Season + Progress This Week

The lilacs were gorgeous this year. Not sure if it was the mild winter or what but they were so full and pretty. I am slowly getting my interest in gardening back again. I will have my veggie/cutting garden tilled within the next two weeks I hope so I can begin planting it out. My peonies are looking like they are going to be beautiful in a few weeks. Cannot wait. 

I've been promoting my "Getting Stitched on The Farm" Summer/Fall Classes on my email newsletter. Seriously, I feel like a broken record - always promoting. But I know I have to do it if I want students to come. So here I go again...... Check out the upcoming classes at Leyden Glen Farm HERE. I have 3 retreats scheduled. The Early Bird Pricing has been extended until May 31st. There are only 2 spaces available in the first class July 16/17 Fabric Printing and Lampshade Painting so if you are on the fence, I suggest signing up soon. 

Once again, I am not sure where the week has gone. I spent the better part of it picking up our frozen lamb at the processor then unpacking it and re-packing it for wholesale orders. I spent all day Tuesday at the Northampton Tuesday Farmers Market where it was a dismal day for sales. It drives me absolutely nuts sitting there, not selling and thinking about all that I have to do. I'm not happy when I'm not chatting and selling to customers. I had some swatching with me to do so that was good but really - I just wanted to be home working on my book project.

The rest of my week has been spent painting, painting and more painting. I've been working on the re-do of the Garden Shed which I am modifying into a Pottery Studio/She Shed for my new book project. Have you heard of "She Sheds"? I guess they are popping up all over in homeowner's back yards. Take a broken down shed and gussy it up and enjoy the space for entertaining, writing, art or whatever floats your boat. The female version of a "Man Cave." 

There has been a bit of color trial and error to say the least. After the floor was laid with the leftover VCT tile I had stashed away, I wanted to add some color to the white walls that I primed back in April. It isn't the best lit space so I knew I wanted a great bit of white. Because I plan to be throwing pottery in here and there will be lots of clay and dusty mess, I chose a washable paint finish. I wanted to make the space feel playful and creative. I decided to mix up some bright colors that will coordinate with the super bright patchwork style floor. 

I began with a gorgeous turquoise and painted the large wooden doors and the small paneled door. I loved the color and how bright and cheerful it made the space feel. I also chose a lime green as another accent color. 

I decided that I would use the bottom edges of the 3 windows as a design element and placed blue painters tape across each wall. I also decided to change up the colors on each wall to continue with the creative vibe. 

The green was a total pain because it took 3 coats to get the color to cover. But it looks good. I love my new table - my friend Kevin built it for me using birch plywood and 4 table legs I had purchased in Tennessee on a business trip over 20 years ago. I knew I would use them one day. He also added wheels to the bottom of the table so I can easily move it around. Wheels on furniture are fantastic. I painted the base a pretty electric blue and the top is a clay white color. I actually took one of my handmade pots down to the paint store and matched it up with an off-white the color of my clay. I will probably be the only one that realizes that! 

On the adjacent wall, I began with a pretty electric blue. 

When it was done, I decided it was too dark so I lightened it with a bit of extra white I had lying around and I like it. 

Around the edges of each window, I added painters tape and painted a colorful border. The windows aren't trimmed out so I figured by adding some color, the rough patches wouldn't show as much. 

And then yesterday, I decided I had to do some of the fun part because I was sick of painting solid color. I cut out a triangle shape from a sponge and stamped a border in green. Here it is in process. 

Now I have to get back out there and do some more. The other walls await. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Grill up some lamb from your local sheep farmer!


Barb Rechtfertig said...

That is some shed!
I envy your space to create. I''m enjoying vicariously with no cost,no messy hands, but alas no space to enjoy creating in. Thanks for sharing. Barb in CA

Auntie Shan said...

Your lilacs look great! - We're finally having a WEEK of "SUMMER" here, so our lilacs are in full swing as well! However, I don't expect them to last too long unfortunately... Except for a bit of rain today, it's been quite dry for a few weeks. [Probably why we have so many ANTS around right now! ewww!] So the flowers have been picky about who is showing up and when!

Glad to see your SHE-SHACK is coming along so nicely! - BTW, I suppose that you'll be putting up some drying shelf-racks..? In which case, dare I "suggest" leaving a few WHITE walls behind said "units" and perhaps paint each shelf-board some colour..?

Anyhoo, can't wait to see the FINISHED "project"! - You'll have to throw yourself a "THROW"-PARTY to celebrate!

Speaking of "partying"... Hope you ALL have a GREAT M-Day Weekend!!

LannieK said...

Your liliacs are just gorgeous! And your shed ~ AWESOME! You and color - such an inspiration, Kristin. I wish I wasn't so faraway so that I could come to your classes - maybe one year... Planning! Until then, you shall inspire me from afar...

Linda said...

Your lilacs are stunning! Lovely photos and blog. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Anonymous said...

Your shed is adorable!!! I love the added triangle sponge! I can't wait to see it evolve.
I have shed envy. :)

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