Friday, June 03, 2016

Beautiful Green + Progress This Week on Shed

The colors have been astoundingly gorgeous this week. Green has always been my favorite color so I love this time of year when the greens are so lush and new. Here is a photo of our dirt road.

I've been working hard on my new pottery shed. This week, I finished the interior including scraping the paint off the windows and washing the windows. It is looking good. Although these photos do not do the space justice, here are the wall treatments. I'm not showing the floor because there are still stacks of things all over - including all the paint buckets and tools I used. 

This is the east wall, looking towards my yet un-tilled garden. Next week that is happening. Do you see the Ball Jar on the table? I found these great lids at the Farmers Exchange that turn a Ball Jar into a drinking cup with a straw. They come in packs of 4 and are really handy if you are on the go. Order via Amazon here (affiliate link). 

Here is the same wall with the windows closed. The color is so off - sorry - cellphone camera. One of the cats submerged my good camera's battery charger and extra battery in a pot of water in the sink so I am without my good camera until the replacements come in. At least it wasn't my camera!

This is the same wall showing the door.

Here is the west side which looks out to the sheep pasture. Another awful photo. The windows are a pretty electric blue and the walls are turquoise. 

While I was painting, the sheep started their evening grazing. 

This is the south facing wall. 

I still have more to do in here - like outfitting it with my pottery wheel and getting some shelves. But I have no time to throw pots right now so that will wait. I'm probably going to get these shelves. They are reasonably priced, hold a lot of weight, are easy to put together and pottery sits nicely on them. Now that there are spray paints that you can paint plastic with, I will probably change the gray color to something more fun. 

Yesterday I started the second shed which is going to be a garden and tool shed. It was originally Julia's playhouse but she never used it once because she hates to go outside. What a country girl she isn't. Just ask her. Not only do I have to paint the inside and decorate it, the outside is peeling so badly that I'm going to have to paint it too. Back to the paint store. I'm hoping for a good stretch of dry weather so I can rock and roll on it. 

Thanks to everyone who have been signing up for the Creative Retreats here at the farm this summer and fall. It is looking to be a fun time for all - including me! Have a great weekend everyone! 

p.s. I just got an email from Spoonflower - the digital printing fabric company. They are having a 25% off sale on their Linen/Cotton Canvas through Monday. I've ordered this weight fabric for tablecloths and upholstery and it is really nice. Regular price is $27/yard. On sale $20.25/yard. If you are tempted, this is a good savings. Here is a link to my fabric designs on Spoonflower. 


Auntie Shan said...

SWEET! A *SECOND* SHE-SHED?!! -- hmm... the smaller one ought to be the SHE-SHED and the larger, the SHE-SHACK...
And I suppose, as in "CLOSET-SPACE", THE FARMER probably only has an "OUT-HOUSE", huh? ;-} [Considering that the BARN usually has "SHE"EP, so that doesn't count.]

Anyhoo, loving the styles of those window-panes on the door wall window!


LannieK said...

It's going to be a great place to create!

Sally said...

Your she-sheds make my heart sing! What a lovely post. xo

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