Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Pink - Green - Yellow + Last Day for Early Bird Pricing

The weather the past couple days has been so beautiful - warm but not too and not a drop of humidity. The leaves on the trees are pretty much fully leafed out but the color is still that bright and new green. It is all I can do to not be looking up all the time. 

I have been driving past some hay fields the past couple days. They are out of a Monet painting and I can't stop looking at them. Pretty soon, a farmer will cut the grass and the blooms will be gone. But for now - they are a masterpiece of nature. 

Simply stunning. 

I took my camera out into the field to document the little bits that are making this beautiful scene. It is the green grass, the yellow buttercups and the magenta wildflowers which I do not know the name of. Added later: Ragged robin, lychnis flos cuculi - thank you Catherine!


Often when I am teaching about color, I tell my students to just open their eyes and their mind to what is around them. I love complementary color combos (those opposite each other on the color wheel). Here's how the field played out on color wheel. We can all learn a thing or two from Mother Nature everyday.  

Wanted to let you all know that today June 1st is the last day for Early Bird Pricing ($375 for 2 days) for the three different Creative Retreats here at our farm. Get all the info here. There is still time to sign up for the classes but the price will go up a tad bit ($410 for 2 days; there is also a one day Saturday price for each retreat $250). Don't want to pay with Paypal? Shoot me an e-mail and we can do a credit card payment over the phone. I also take checks. kristinnicholasATgmailDOTcom

Have a colorful day everyone! 


Unknown said...

Hope you got my sign up and cc info for fabric and lampshade painting class. I just bought a new chair with lots of pattern and color. Hoping to recreate the design on my lampshades! Let me know if you didn't get my sign up. I haven't seen a confirmation.

Catherine said...

Ragged robin, lychnis flos cuculi. It doesn't seem to be native to the United States.

Chloe said...

Great power of natural colors! The floral photos are mesmerizing.

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