Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Garden Shed Project - Exterior

This week, I've continued working on the the new version of the Garden/Tool Shed. I scraped the entire exterior. What a job - I hate scraping peeling paint but someone had to do it! I washed it all down - with a bleach solution trying not to get it on the plants. Then I primed and painted the entire thing in an exterior basic white paint. What a job. 

Next I had to tackle the front porch section. This is what the floor looked like before. Notice the brambles growing up through the floor. It was a nightmare.

The little railing looked almost as bad. More bleach-y water and I was ready to go. 

I painted the floor a pretty mossy green - two coats did it. I painted the railing too. Two more coats of white exterior paint. I have been a painting maniac.

Then for the fun part - decide on a new door color. I had some leftover exterior oil based floor paint in a super fun color called Peony from Benjamin Moore. Two coats and the paint can is empty now. That is a good feeling. I think I used it on the stairs in my studio in 2010. 

I love how the moss green looks with the peony pink. 

Nice contrast of complementary colors although this photo is a little brighter than it really looks. 

I cleaned out the little garden that I had planted a few years ago and planted some pink annuals and the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories that will be all over the archway by September. It is so much fun to plan these projects in my head and then visualize what they will look like in a couple months. Oh the possibilities. Now we really need some rain!


Jane M said...

Love the colors, your hard work is really paying off!

Anonymous said...

I love that pink door! Don't forget to take morning glory pictures when they are flowering. It will be stunning. A LOT of WORK, but so worth it. Helen

Auntie Shan said...

Jeez! It looks better than the exterior on our house! ;-}
The colour combo is great. - BTW, I noticed that milk can to the side has managed to "escape" your brush... Or, did you just run out paint and daylight??

Anonymous said...

The shed just makes you fell happy. The color combo is wonderful!! Can't wait to see it with the flowers blooming. Ruth

Sally said...

Brilliant! I love it!

LannieK said...

It's a very Happy Garden Shed :-)

Bth in Maryland said...

You Are Awesome.

It looks great!

Adaliza said...

That's such a pretty little shed - I think you should give it a name rather than just Garden Shed! Love those colours - everyone who sees it will smile and feel happy!

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