Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lampshade Painting/Fabric Printing Retreat 2016 - Day Two

Wow - the past weekend was certainly a whirlwind. Day One of the first Creative Retreat here at our farm went great. Day Two was Lampshade Painting Day. I had never taught this class so I wasn't sure how it would go. The first time teaching any new subject is always a bit of an experiment - kind of like doing a craft for the first time. 

I must say, I think it was successful. Although there was a whole lot packed into the day, almost everyone finished their lampshade. If they didn't, I sent them off with paint and the where with all to finish. 

It is always so amazing to me how each project made differs so much in the end. That is how it is with individual art making - you see the personality of the artist coming out - even if they are not very experienced at painting or making. 

Here are photos from the first half of the day. Students had to plan their lampshades and then begin. Blank canvas fear for sure but I could slowly see their confidence increase and they began relaxing into the brush and the paint and the creativity. 

Some of the lampshades I have painted for inspiration amongst the jumble of the studio. 

Everyone is working away - deep in concentration. 

They barely wanted to stop for lunch. We decided to take a photo of the half way mark in front of my shed. 

And then they got loopy! 

Lunch was awesome - thanks to my friends Cathy and Cynthia who were helping for the weekend. 

All afternoon, everyone painted their heart out. It was a race to finish. Perhaps next time I will suggest smaller shades but truth be told, I think no matter how long they had or what size lampshade, I still think it would have been tough to finish. 

Here are the finished and almost finished lampshades. Aren't they fantastic? 

Here are a few more views. 

I'm hoping everyone will send a photo of their shade in their home. That would be fun. I am so proud of all the students. What a great day and such good work and art made. 

I will definitely be teaching this class again next year. To find out when, make sure you sign up for my newsletter at the top right of the sidebar. 

FYI: On July 30th I have the second Fabric Printing Day here at the farm. There are still 3 spaces available if you are interested. The price is $250 for the day and it includes morning food, full farm lunch, and all supplies. More info here to sign up. If you have any questions, please send them on to kristinnicholasATgmailDOTcom. There is an Add-on Day too which is Crewel Embroidery for $160.


Robin said...

This looks like it was a ton of fun! What beautiful lampshades!!


Rose said...

I am going to make a class with you next summer a priority; it's time to treat myself. I love, love, love your aesthetic and need to incorporate your lack of fear of color into my creativity. Everyone's project look fabulous!

Susanne said...

They all look so beautiful...great job everyone!

Auntie Shan said...


I really like the aquatic one! Pulling off "underwater" can be tricky, however, THAT STUDENT did a fabulous job! It ought to look really cool when lit!


Cheryl Rezendes said...

Looks like you had great fun and much success!
Wonderful to see your studio filled with students!

JanetD said...

wow, all of these turned out really beautiful!

Colleen Sharpe said...

I've been poking through your blog for awhile now, and this is my very favourite post so far - all those shades are gorgeous!!! I must say you have given me courage to just go for it with indulging in my love of colour for the home. And I canNOT wait to read your new book about pattern!!!