Thursday, August 04, 2016

Fabric Printing + Embroidery Creative Retreat WrapUp - Day One

The second Creative Retreat here at Leyden Glen Farm was this past weekend. I had a small group of 4 students but we all had a fantastic couple of days together. Although I prefer a larger group for my income stream I actually do enjoy the dynamics of a small group of students. Classes are never big here - 8 people maximum. If you have ever taken classes in hotels and conventions, you can only imagine how much better the setting is in my studio. Every student that has ventured to our farm has been a wonderful, open, talented woman - anxious to soak up every bit of inspiration I can give. It is pretty cool that many students have returned for a second and third Retreat

This was the first time I have taught Fabric Printing + Embroidery and boy - was it fun for me and for all the students. My concept was to teach how to do simple fabric printing on Day One. It is a technique I have developed over the years. It is featured in Crafting A Colorful Home and I will be showcasing more of it in my upcoming book. This technique is one which anyone can re-create in their home with limited materials and space and that is why I keep doing it. 

We began by talking about motif design and then the students jumped into designing their own motifs and printing some canvas bags. Here are some process photos. 

And here is one of the finished bags. The others were beautiful but it's hard for me to keep on message, teach and take photos too! OOOOPS. 

We broke for lunch on the porch. It was a gorgeous day with no humidity. Perfect.

In the afternoon, we talked about different kinds of paint and printing inks. We also talked about how printing the next piece would be different from their bag. The second piece was to become the basis for their embroidery on Day Two. 

Each student came with some ideas for their embroidery project which was the homework assignment. It was fun to see their inspirations morph into printed fabrics. 

Lee was inspired by the artwork of Angie Lewin.

Nancy wanted to recreate my Paisley Pillow Project

Amy is a fan of Mid Century Modern Design. 

Lauren was inspired by a fabric she picked up in Scandinavia. 

Here the students are looking over each other's work and discussing what they would have changed next time. The first time for every technique is always a learning process and I can never stress enough how each project will improve with practice and thought. 

More tomorrow. 

There is one more Creative Retreat this year. It is a Knitting, Steeking, and Embroidery on Knits Class and it is September 24/25. Check it out here. There are a few spaces available. Come join the fun. Considering the weather, the leaves will be changing by then. 


Anonymous said...

My comment has nothing to do with this post (although it looks like such fun). I received an email from Knit and Crochet Now that has a photo of you, the other demonstrators and the host seating on a staircase. It's a very good photo of you.

Lee said...

I was one of the four lucky students in this workshop. It was an exciting and inspiring weekend. I always learn a lot from Kristin and grow as an creative person. This was my third workshop and I will happily look for another for next summer.

Auntie Shan said...

Oooo! Love that first bag with the brown negative stampings! Almost looks like a "store" logo.
Anyhoo, looks like FUN was had by ALL!!

So, NO humidity, eh? - LUCKY YOU!! - It's been staggering up here and no rain in sight until tommorrow. Maybe! - I was out shopping today and actually looked at my car's interior temp... 108F!! Took almost 10 minutes of driving with the windows down plus the A/C going to get "down" to 97! BTW, this was all at 6:30pm. I'm certain that it was likely another 5 degrees more earlier. And who knows what the humidex was... I pretty much give up at 100!
But, hey! NOT to FEAR! I still managed to buy YARN!! :-D
Mostly cotton, but there was one ball of WOOL! As well as several balls of some old Peruvian ALPACA in a sock-weight over at the thrift store. The label is all in Spanish, with no markings to indicate whether there's anything else blended with it. And, it looks undyed. Whatever. The price was right! I'm sure that I'll be doing *something* with it eventually!

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...