Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Busy Days and Autumn Arriving

This weekend is the last Creative Retreat of 2016 here at our Leyden Glen Farm. The subject is knitting and color and folks are coming from afar. Looking forward to spending two days with the women who are coming in and sharing my love of color, home, stitching and the handmade.

The other evening, after a long day of fabric printing, I rushed out to the garden to grab some zinnias. The light was so pretty - it was dusk and the zinnias glowed. All the plants are getting that almost done look to them. Even though it will be a bit sad to see it all go when frost hits, it has its own particular beauty. 

The sunflowers are pretty much done except for a couple of 110 days to bloom varieties - Sungold and Autumn Beauty. Here is a bouquet from last week. I love this combo of amaranth and sunflowers. 

I've been particularly busy trying to get through lists for projects for my new book. I've got to keep plowing through it all, crossing out the lines as they are completed. Some things haven't worked out as planned and some things are better than I envisioned. That's the fun part of the creative process even if disappointing at times. I always learn something for sure.

Here is a block print design I did today. I like the combination of green and brown. What do you think? 

I made this the other night with my glut of Sungold Tomatoes. It was good the first night but better the second when I added a handful of greens. Super simple and fast supper. 

I've had an excellent tomato harvest this year. I almost didn't plant any and then a farmer at the market talked me into some plants she had on sale for $1.00 each. I decided to risk the space and see what happened. You see, there has been a nasty tomato blight for the past 4 years and I harvested nary a tomato. But this year - oh my! The dry weather has been fantastic for tomato production. Sauce, salsa, soups, and lots of tomato based dinners. I'm especially loving tomatoes with eggs since my hens have been producing like crazy. It was an excellent investment of $7.00! 

If you are a fan of Suzani embroidered fabric, check out this blog. What eye candy! Gorgeous.

Enjoy the season as it begins to change everyone! Tomorrow is the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. 


Joanne said...

I love the green fabric and block print! Gorgeous. I can see if as a square neck top, retro 70s style. (My mom would have dressed me in this as a sundress when I was a kid). We had the blight up here on our tomatoes in Winnipeg and surrounds, it was just too wet. Only thing that made it were certain blight resistant cherry tomatoes in our garden. The plum tomatoes were a complete loss. Thanks for your gorgeous flowers and bright photos. They sure do cheer up a cloudy day.

Auntie Shan said...

Great FLORA as always! :-D

Oooo....I *LOVE* cherry tomatoes! We haven't grown them in years though. -- Lucky for you for that whole "Border"-Thingy, or I'd be popping by for a "pint"! ;-}

Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with the WEEKEND CLASS! Hope your weather cooperates!


Sue Sleeper said...

I love the block print. How do you get the printing so even?

Sally said...

LOVE your block print!!! Well done!