Thursday, November 17, 2016

Best Friends Pullovers by Janice

I had a lovely letter from a reader/knitter named Janice in response to one of my newsletters. (Have you signed up yet? The newsletter sign-up is at the top of the right hand of this blog page.) Here is what she wrote..... 

"I made four of your marvelous child size Best Friends Sweaters for my nieces. They have created quite a stir. People call them "works of art". Thank you for selling me your fabulous book!!!!!"

Janice's 4 nieces with the Best Friends Sweaters she knit for them. 
I wrote Janice back and asked her if I could share her photos. After a bit of back and forth, she got permission from her nieces' mom to let me share them here. Here is what Janice wrote. 

"I wanted to make the sweaters as Xmas presents but was afraid the girls would out grow out of them by December. I have been having such a great time with your book Color By Kristin. I made a couple of adjustments of my own, no steeks, I just knit back and forth and I had to really weave the yarn a lot in back of the designs so the kids wouldn't put their fingers through when putting the garments on. ( I only carried for two stitches) And I made ridges for the shoulders that worked well. And I used black when you said not to as I had black and didn't have any washable brown. Anyway, I LOVE your designs and made each sweater completely different using the charts in the back of the book. THANK YOU"

Here are three of Janice's sweaters before she blocked them. 

3 of Janice's sweaters before blocking
Thank you Janice - you made my day! I love getting emails like this. 

Here is a photo of Julia and her friend Bridget. This photo was taken in 2008 when both Julia and Bridget were little. I loved this photo and the sweaters. I'm glad Janice got to make them for her nieces. What a great job she did. My original pattern is knit in the round with steeks. Janice changed it to do back and forth. 

The Best Friends Knitting Pattern is in my book Color By Kristin which is available on my website for $24.95. The book includes 26 designs and ideas for customizing the patterns. 


Auntie Shan said...

Well, that BUNCH are just TOO *CUTE*!! :-D
JANICE, They *and* your Sweaters are absolutely GORGEOUS!! -- They'd all be through College before I could manage to get even ONE of those "done"! You're definitely #BestAuntieEver!!

BTW, Kristin, just go ahead and fill-in the "blank", too! ;-}
#BEST-[enter pronoun of choice]-*EVER*!!

Knitty-*HUGS* to you both!

Reneelynn said...

wow!! what a beautiful group of little girls and the sweaters are stunning!!!

LannieK said...


Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!! The sweaters are absolutely a work of art and the nieces add a perfect finishing touch.
I've had Kristin's book for years and it is a real winner with all the custom edgings, charts, embroidery, etc. I can't get enough of the colors; they feed my soul.
I think I need to make the cuffed mittens...........

Blessings and thank you all for sharing, Roxanne

Anonymous said...

~ WOW x 4 !! ~
Janice's sweaters are so beautiful, as are her nieces.
Stellar knitting.
I love the image of Julia & Bridget. I have a copy of COLOR By Kristin. Its WONDERFUL.
Kristin, maybe you could take a picture of Julia & Bridget holding up their now too little sweaters? :) (teenagers would love that, right ??)
Thanks to Janice for sending the images, those girls have a talented Auntie.
Shell ~

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