Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Open House in Leyden Featuring My Friends Alicia, Deborah, Gail, and Debbie

Popping in tonight with some quick words. We had a great Thanksgiving holiday here at the farm. It went so quick. After that was done, I had to quickly move on to the next project - our Holiday Open House which is in only 4 days! Yikes. 

Julia and I spent the weekend making things for our Upcoming Holiday Open House this weekend - December 3/4. Julia is quite the pro at making pom poms now. She will be selling them herself. I think I have created a monster!

I've been making as much pottery as humanly possible. I fear I don't have as much as last year. Working on my new book Crafting a Patterned Home really took a crazy amount of time. I am still not done with the book work - another photo shoot next week - the last. And then lots of re-writing and improving on the first draft. 

Here are some of the unglazed pieces that I will have fired (twice!) before Saturday. I changed clay bodies and so I have been quite worried as to how it was going to work out but the first pieces were fine. 

Today, I put together a little "art hunt" for our guests. The hunt gives numbers for them to look for and then explains the different techniques I used for each project. It includes some of the new projects from the upcoming book. I think it will be fun for people to discover the different techniques and things I have made and done. It is hard for me to explain to everyone who comes everything about the house so this will help guests learn on their own. 

Besides my work - my books, patterns, some yarns, pottery, embroidery supplies, tea towels, and notecards, I have a few friends who will also be displaying their beautiful work. Across the street at her own studio will be Alicia Hunsicker. 

You can also find Alicia at the following places on the web: 

On the porch, Deborah Garner is returning with her gorgeous textiles and handmade jewelry. 

For those of you who cannot come to the Open House because of distance, you can luckily shop virtually via Deborah's (Jewelry) Etsy Shop HERE or her website HERE for her exquisite textiles.

In the library, my good friend Gail Callahan will be selling her incredible hand-dyed yarns, silk fabrics, her original Color Grid and her Wedding Color Grid. 

You can find Gail on-line at her new website  The Kangaroo Dyer

My friend and neighbor Debbie Bernard will be making wreaths and selling some of her ornaments that she makes. 

Mark will be selling our grass-fed lamb for Holiday Celebrations. Bring a cooler. 

I hope some of you will be able to make it to the Open House. All the information is on this Facebook Event Page. You can find directions on our Leyden Glen Lamb website here

Hours are 10 to 4 on both Saturday and Sunday. Bring a friend. We will have some home baked goodies too. 


Judy in Ct said...

I absolutely love her work! I am going to try and recruit some bodies to make the trip to your open house.

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Alicia Hunsicker said...

Thank you Kristin for the opportunity to do this lovely interview with you on your blog! It will be a pleasure to meet some of your fans and followers and share my work with them during this special weekend event. ~Alicia

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