Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Making Pottery Vases This Year

Over the weekend, I worked on taking photos of the pottery I have made this year. I have been taking a pottery class at my friend Lucy Fagella's studio this year to keep me in the throwing and making pots game. It has been fun because I have met some new people in the community. It has also gotten me out once a week for part of the year - out of my routine and out of the house. I've been so focused on working on my book this year that I feel like I have done nothing but book all year long. That and the farmer's markets and our lamb business and taking care of my family and home. Oh, and some teaching at workshops here at the farm. 

This year, I focused on making vases. Lucy has helped me to throw thinner vases and given me lots of tricks and tips each evening. Once I got my pottery throwing studio set up in the new She Shed, I quickly threw some pots so I would have inventory for my Etsy shop for Christmas sales. 

I have a lot of vases for sale now. On Sunday and Monday, I spent the day uploading photos of each vase (5 photos per vase - ugh) and then describing and listing each different vase. It is a massive amount of work - all on the computer. I'm not used to sitting still in one place for a long period of time. By the end of the day Monday, I had a total backache. But I got it done. I had to because this is the last week to get sales before the holidays. And then it will dry up until next pre-Christmas season. 

Check out my On-Line Pottery Shop which is on Etsy here. Although it is a massive amount of work to get it all listed, Etsy is a perfect place to sell one-offs. (I don't like to repeat designs - no surprise, right?) Once a product is sold, it disappears and no one else can order it. My personal website isn't set up like that. There is no inventory function and it isn't mobile friendly like is available on the Etsy app.

I love making vases and I'm hoping people who are interested in gardening and art will be interested in buying them. Why did I choose to do vases? Because I love growing flowers and putting them in pretty vases in the house. I've watched the career of potter Frances Palmer grow over the years. My vases are nothing like hers nor are mine nearly as expensive. So maybe it is something to aspire to - colorful vases for gardeners who love pattern, floral designs and pottery. Below is a pretty little paisley decorated vase with some dried flowers. I love this shape and you all know how I feel about the paisley motif.

Next year, I'm hoping to be able to make more pottery to sell on-line and maybe here at the farm. I'm thinking of having two Open Houses - one in the spring - just for pottery and one in the house before Christmas like I have done the past couple years with our Holiday Open House. I mentioned this to my family and their comment was - "as long as we don't have to help with both of them." I can do it myself - I will keep you all posted. We shall see if it materializes. 

I'll be keeping my Etsy shop open until the 20th. Hopefully that will give the Post Office time to deliver for Christmas gifts. I ship by US Postal Service Priority Mail which is quite quick (although they may get a bit bogged down this time of year). 

If you are interested in making pottery, check out Lucy's You Tube channel where she has lots of videos demonstrating different parts of pottery making. 


Auntie Shan said...

Those VASES would be perfect for a SPRING SHOWING! - Before MOTHER'S DAY or even EASTER, if it isn't too early in the season...

"Funny", isn't it..? How doing stuff ON-LINE ends up being 10 times more "PAPERWORK"..??!! - People keep asking me about how come I'm not selling stuff online... The "simple" answer, it probably takes 10 times longer to prep and do a post than it actually takes to MAKE the stuff! However, I do have stuff posted on SQUARE... I just haven't "opened" the Store yet. Still have to work out the MAILING bits... [*MUST* get my Christmas parcels out FIRST!] -- yeah, MAKING is just the TIP of the "ICEBERG"!!

Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with it all!
And stay WARM! There's a nasty cold front about to move through...
oh. Look. More, snow??

Gerri said...

I just came over here to say I thought they would make great Mother's Day presents. Agree that they could be good for Easter tables. Of course, as we head to -19F, a springy thing would make a great holiday gift!

Esther said...

Your vases are so lively. I agree that come springtime, people will be excited to have a special vase to display the bounty of their gardens. I just ordered one of your little houses to give to a dear friend along with some special tea. I just know she'll love hers as much as I love mine.

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