Saturday, December 03, 2016

Open House - Some Photos

We had a good day here at the farm for our second annual Open House. The farmhouse looked beautiful - all decorated for the holiday. We had a really nice crowd of lovely people. The "Art Hunt" was a success and I'm hoping that folks were inspired to add some color to their homes. 

This year, I improved the signage on the way. I think it was helpful. 

Kate did a herding demonstration with Mark which people seemed to enjoy. She is getting much better. 

I took some photos but it was after it was dark out so they aren't great - sorry about that. Here is some of the pottery I have for sale. I will try to list the pieces that are left on my Etsy shop but it won't be until after the photo shoot is over next Friday. 

Here are some more photos of the things we have for sale. 

books and lamps and lampshades
Tea Towels I designed and sewed

Christmas Stocking display with yarn

Gail Callahan's beautiful silks

Gail's set-up in our library

Julia's pom poms

Julia's Glitter pinecones
(There is glitter all over the kitchen FYI - I left it because it looked so pretty and sparkly.  

Deborah's Textile Bazaar on the porch - She's got an incredible collection this year!
We are open tomorrow from 10 to 4. Would love to see you. If you are running the Hot Chocolate Run in Northampton - come after the race. Go Team Webs! 


Auntie Shan said...

It ALL looks FAB!! Hope that you managed to SELL a good chunk of it all. - Love the tea towels! Cotton or linen?
BTW, did you make any of those "yarn bowls" this year? Personally, I've never used one, but I'm sure that you could probably find a "market" for them. It would certainly bring together your ceramics and stitchiness onto the same "palette"!
I want to see those tables EMPTY tomorrow!

Melanie said...

I need to find your Etsy shop! I love the pottery and everything else!

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