Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What You Have Been Waiting For!

And so it begins again. Lambing. 

For all of you who have followed our farm for years, yes, they are later than normal. It was planned. We put the rams in with the ewes about a month later than normal to avoid the cold. Of course now it is very cold but not below zero. Today we are expecting snow but it doesn't sound like too much. Hopefully. 

We have 19 lambs so far. Way more to come. It's going to be busy at the barns. 

Thanks to all who entered the Kaffe Fassett Coloring Book Contest. I've alerted the winner Pam H. Seems like there is a whole bunch of interest in this trend. Wish I could have procured books for you all. Have a good week everyone. 


Jessi Lashakmitis said...

Wow, 19 lambs!!!! You are definitely going to be very busy. Love those pictures. They all look so sweet and cute!!!

FoFo said...

My dd is taking AG Science this year. They have sheep and they have started lambing. They lost one the other day, there was something wrong with it, and my daughter nearly cried. They are so sweet!

Deborah said...

They are such precious little lambs! I love the pictures!

Michele in Maine said...

Let the lamb races begin!

Auntea said...

Oh sweet precious lambs!!

Auntie Shan said...

So. Is it something in the FEED, or have all of your SHEEP just been GENETICALLY BRED to be CAMERA-READY so that THEY're *NATURALLY* able to "STRIKE-THE-POSE" only moments after BIRTH..??!

Anyhoo, today's my B-Day... I think I'd rather see those guys on my front lawn instead of Flamingos! However, it's colder up here this week and the snow is still way too high for "babies"... In which case, I suppose I'll just have to make do and "fake"-it with dressing up the local SQUIRRELS in little woolly jumpers!

Whatever, GOOD LUCK with it ALL! Hope you *don't* end up getting MY "age"-worth today or you'll be SWAMPED!!


susan said...

Oh what happy times, glad things are going well so far, love the pictures.

PghCathy said...

I can picture their yarn in my future!

fracksmom said...

Love the lambs pictures.....more farm stories

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